June 1, 2017

It is not only in a place like India  that one has challenges being a  western stranger. Even while walking in the streets of fancy , western, modern Italy there are challenges when one travels alone.

like being in a relationship with another person, travelling  solo forces yo...

September 13, 2016

caged hearts

fixed.  alert.

 raging silence in their stance.

they each believe the other is responsible for caging them. that the creature standing in front of them took their freedom away and now they must protect their mere existence.

 they both have been here many times,...

January 13, 2016

she will test you

lets be clear first.  a real woman, one who keeps plunging fiercely into her fears and is in constant focus on her growth and expansion, one who truly is connected to her spirit and always aiming to embody the divine feminine love,  doesn't NEED  a man. she WANTS...

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