Red Revolution

Crucial Guidance From The Divine Mother

At The Greatest Time Of Human Awakening!

Simply eye-opening and spectacular.

Ms Sinvani dives into the complex world of spirituality with simplicity and truth. She covers many important subjects thoroughly and gives a reason for why many things are not how they seem. She also explains divine unions and how energies work within relationships both emotionally and physically! This book helped me shed light on some of my most innermost feelings and is both empowering and full of knowledge! I will read over and over again !!


This isn't an easy book to read, but it may be an essential one.


This book, it will challenge your conceptions and preconceptions. You may find you've been harboring a few misconceptions too.

It certainly took me on a journey far from my comfort zone. I suspect I'll be thinking about this book for a long, long time to come. It's going to be continued hard work, but perhaps that's not a bad thing.

This isn't an easy book. This isn't something to speed read your way through. This isn't for everyone, not the book nor the message. But I found it worthwhile, and the world needs more people in it like the author. Without them, it would indeed be a more dismal, duller, less vibrant world indeed.




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A Truly Crucial and Beautiful Message.

RED REVOLUTION is a direct and thoughtful message to the awakening spirit. This clear and concise letter is for all humans who are starting or continuing on their growth journey. This book contains a
no-nonsense approach at confronting the difficult but integral position the female finds herself in the modern world. She is sent messages about her body as a sexual object, but also to be hidden in shame. That the female is a means of pleasure for a man but doesn't know that we can and should RECEIVE pleasure & love FROM a man. The time has come for the Woman to shake free.
But this book is not calling for the old "feminist" revolution of the past. This revolution is beyond fighting oppression - it is standing up and being held accountable for our own behaviors that have kept the Female Spirit bounded. We are all active participants in the confusion, miscommunication and sometimes aggression between the sexes.
A mix of mysticism, psychological growth, powerful energy work and a no-bull sh+t approach really make this book a unique and highly important read for any woman or man searching for the next step in their path towards opening up to a higher calling.
Sinvani is generous with her reader, offering Exercises to help us materialize the complex message she is trying to offer us. Applications we can use in the physical world, from mindfulness techniques that reconnect us to our
sexual female bodies, to energy visualizations that can bring us closer to the men we love in our life and transform sexual energy in to pure Love.
The author uses this medium to awaken what is inside all of us -- a Divine Spirit that can be balanced in the Feminine and the Masculine. If you are beginning to feel the shift around us and are ready for some Truth -- Read this book!