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Couple's Reunion

The unique couple's session I offer is not 'therapy'. It is a space that acknowledges you both as already at your highest version of your inner source connection. This is a space of power, a connection that runs deeper and stronger and that allows you both the best path you can take in your individual embodiment as well as in your union. This is a fast-track, deep dive, no-BS journey that doesn't require years of therapy or molding over past problems.

This is NOT a therapy session. This is an awakening process through your shadows- into your light.

I, as your servant, take you (sometimes with harsh love)in the most direct way to embody your ultimate divine masculine and feminine to bring you to your own sacred union. 




Each session is 60-90 minutes. 

Once you made your payment, I will contact you with a few possible dates and times to schedule our session.

About Luna Ora

Luna Ora has been initiated by the temple of ISIS & LILITH to bring and share, in modern ways, the wisdom of the temple and of true sacred union. 

By inspiring brave men and women to embody once more their long-forgotten powers and potential as humans and as true love-makers, Luna Ora holds the codes of knowledge with the highest level of integrity and service. 

"To see sacred unions is my greatest joy and mission because I know that sacred unions have the power and capacity to change this world and guide us into the greatest path of evolution with sacredness, unity, and freedom." - Luna Ora

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