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Choosing a true spiritual woman

Choosing a true spiritual woman to be her king is a choice made only by the brave ones. The true kings that are left after generations of shadows and dark masculine programing and a war on men's core essence.

If you’re a man considering dating or being with a spiritual woman, especially a healer, there's something important you need to understand. You've attracted this experience because you’re ready for a significant transformation and your soul knows it is ready for the path of upmost honor and evolution.

This woman has entered your life to facilitate that growth and connection to source. At the same time, you are called to offer her protection in the physical realm while she navigates the astral or energetic realms. You both have a role to play in this sacred union, which always must be - a conscious choice.

Her energy work and the divine protection she invokes will bring you profound benefits, often in ways you can't yet imagine. However, be prepared for a challenging aspect of this journey: you will likely be triggered into confronting your own darkness. This is an essential part of the light work she embodies. When these triggers arise, you will face a choice.

Choosing to be with a spiritual woman is more than a romantic decision; it is a commitment to embodying the purest form of your divine masculine. This path requires strength, vulnerability, and a deep sense of purpose. The divine masculine is not just a protector but also a supporter and an equal partner in the journey of spiritual evolution.

As a divine masculine, your role is to stand by her side with unwavering support and love. This means embracing your own healing and growth so that you can provide a stable and nurturing presence. It involves a commitment to your own spiritual path, ensuring that you are not just a bystander but an active participant in the journey of mutual ascension.

When choosing a spiritual woman, especially one who serves as a healer, recognize that you are committing to her soul as she serves yours. This commitment goes beyond the physical and delves deep into the spiritual and energetic realms. Your relationship will be a sanctuary where both of you can heal, grow, and evolve together. It becomes a space where source dances with and through you into this world.

This commitment and initiation you are taking together also means:

1. Support: Offering her protection and support in the physical realm while she engages in her spiritual and energetic work.

2. Understanding: Being open to the profound and sometimes challenging experiences that come with spiritual growth.

3. Healing: Actively participating in your own healing journey to ensure that you are a stable and positive presence in her life.

4. Growth: Embracing the opportunity to evolve together, supporting each other’s spiritual paths.

5. Partnership: Building a partnership that transcends the ordinary and taps into the extraordinary potential of your combined energies.

In this sacred partnership, you will be faced with moments of darkness and challenge. You will have to confront your own fears, insecurities, and past wounds. This is part of the transformative power of being with a spiritual woman.

When you are triggered by your woman, you will have two options:

You will either retreat into old patterns. This path may seem easier, but it will ultimately create distance and disharmony. If you retreat into your old ways, she may need protection from YOU, which she will receive through her divine intuition and forces beyond your control. This is not to frighten you but to emphasize the seriousness of the commitment because when you choose a spiritual woman you cannot mess with the forces of life she brings. You must honor the energy of life force she is or suffer the consequences. it does not mean she will directly mean any harm, on the contrary- a spiritual woman will pray for the evolution of your soul and see your light even if you hurt her, but the energies she holds that you have merged with and made a promise to, will 'bite you in the ass' so to speak, if you do not honor your word, weather you made it with words or energetic movement with her. You cannot mess with the divine feminine force, for it is the force that moves life and it is the force that moves your life if you have united with it. When men don't understand this basic truth they believe that it is the woman who did something , who hurt them , who bewitched them, when in fact it is them who hold the full responsibility of their choices and actions in how hey dealt with the feminine energy they chose.

The other option is to stay present, heal and Ascend Together. Choosing to confront and heal your inner darkness aligns you with her journey and supports her mission as a light worker. This path requires courage and commitment but leads to immense rewards, including deeper spiritual growth, a stronger bond, and mutual empowerment.

Being with a spiritual woman means embracing a relationship that transcends the physical and delves into the spiritual and energetic realms. Your support and protection are crucial, but so is your willingness to grow and evolve. Together, you can create a powerful partnership that enhances both your lives and contributes positively to the world around you.

Embrace this journey with an open heart and mind, ready to evolve and ascend together. By committing to her soul as she serves yours, you embark on a path of profound transformation and divine connection. The journey may be challenging, but the rewards of mutual growth, spiritual evolution, and a deep, soulful connection are worth every step. As a divine masculine, you have the power to create a sanctuary of love, support, and spiritual ascension that will uplift both you and your partner.

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