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 Revoking Soul Agreements with the dark forces. Choosing the higher timelines.

The malevolent forces we confront today extend beyond physical individuals seeking dominance and control. Demonic entities have seized control of human bodies, aided by a select few dark wizards dedicated to achieving their nefarious objectives. However, the mere existence of their goals does not guarantee their success.

The unfolding narrative allows us to actively shape our roles in this intricate story, emphasizing our empowerment in the face of adversity.

We are not mere pawns in a cosmic game; rather, we wield the ultimate power. The life force and consent they seek are ours to withhold. By refusing consent, we reclaim authority over our lives.

Israel, a sacred land, has long been a battleground for black magic, dating back to the era of dark wizards who desecrated the Temple of the Mother. The current manifestation of this dark masculine energy is evident in  men  (and a few women) hosting demonic entities, facilitated by sacrificial rituals involving children and the exploitation of women's life force through rape and torture.

The tragic events of October 7th marked a significant sacrifice ritual, with subsequent online warfare amplifying the impact. This digital conflict not only disseminated false information but also sapped the life force from those who aligned with darkness, diminishing their humanity, heart connection, and empathy.

Dark forces aim to convert as many individuals as possible into hosts, exploiting a pre-existing programming achieved through propaganda, social media, toxins in food and  vaccines, and other insidious means. Antisemitism, labeled as the hatred of Jewish people, is resurging, revealing an underlying darkness that has always existed within certain individuals.

The orchestration of World War 3, centered on extremist Islamic elements, becomes apparent as a deliberate plan by higher forces. The citizens of Israel unwittingly became sacrificial lambs in this grand ritual. The war is fundamentally a battle for human souls—a clash between humanity and pure demonic forces, facilitated by dark wizards manipulating history, poisoning, and exploiting life forces, minds, and sexual energies.

The ongoing struggle is multi-faceted, with various layers and contingency timelines. Dark forces employ alien invasions, engineered natural disasters, extremist ideologies, and manufactured viruses to fulfill their objectives. Technology and black magic, both hidden and overt, play crucial roles in harnessing human life force, with women holding a particularly potent role.

However, the key realization is that humans possess free will—the ultimate power. By acknowledging our role as the life force providers, we can reclaim our energy, severing any conscious or unconscious agreements made with malevolent forces. A declaration to nullify these agreements and reaffirm one's alignment with natural laws and the highest good serves as a powerful affirmation of sovereignty.

Regarding the complex situation in Israel and Gaza, a deeper understanding unveils the demonic forces at play. Support for such actions becomes a sign of spiritual slumber, susceptibility to possession, and a disconnection from the truth. The Israelites safeguard codes vital for the new Earth, making it imperative to shield the land from further sacrificial rituals.

In the midst of personal grief for one's people and homeland, a call to maintain the highest love frequency arises. Rejecting participation in blood magic, resisting fear propagated through media and financial shifts, and collectively embracing a spiritual perspective become crucial aspects of navigating this spiritual war against humanity.

This war, spanning generations, targets the foundational elements of family, tribe, sacred unions, children's safety, and the sanctity of sex. It is a concerted assault on our souls, executed by dark forces that distort sexuality, manipulate gender identities, murder innocents, and wreak havoc across the globe.

Let it be clear: Acknowledging the spiritual war's global scale is essential. It is not an opposition against Palestinians but a stance against demonic forces manipulating humanity on a grand scale.  These forces have committed heinous acts, including the murder of children and the destruction of lands in Maui. The call to wake up, recognize the dark magic at play, and consciously choose the path of a living warrior resonates as an empowering directive in these challenging times.

Utilizing technology and dark arts both in clandestine realms and in plain view, malevolent forces aim to exploit our life force, recognizing it as the true source of power they require. Women, in particular, hold a unique potency that these forces seek, as men are deemed more susceptible vessels for demonic influence, effectively turning them into instruments for carrying out physical directives.

It is crucial to comprehend that our power lies within us, and a key element to remember is our possession of free will. We are the life force providers, inadvertently nourishing these dark entities. However, we now stand empowered to reclaim our life force and terminate any contracts or agreements made, whether knowingly or unknowingly.

speak aloud this declaration of sovereignty: "I delete and cancel any agreement or contract I have ever made with any force seeking to take from me or humanity. I am a free human, adhering only to natural laws and the highest good of all. As a child of the divine mother and father, I reclaim my power from any time, space, and dimension, now and forever. I command this to be, banishing any thought form that does not belong on my highest path."

Gaining a true understanding of the Israel-Gaza situation unveils a sinister plan orchestrated by demonic forces. Those who lend support to this plan unwittingly signal their spiritual slumber, making them susceptible to manipulation and possession—many are already ensnared in this web.

Those who can perceive the light, the truth, simultaneously recognize the profound darkness manipulating humanity and sacrificing the women and children of Israel. The Israelites safeguard essential codes for a new Earth, emphasizing the critical need to shield this land from further sacrificial rituals.

As I continue to grieve for my people and homeland, I implore you all to elevate your frequencies to the highest love now. I urge those with even the slightest awareness to refrain from participating in the insidious blood magic deeply ingrained in humanity (consuming the flesh. body fluids and blood of animals) . Not everyone is prepared for this change, so I ask you to resist succumbing to the fear propagated through media and financial shifts.

This is a spiritual war against humanity, a conflict that has been brewing for an extended period. It attacks the foundations of family, tribe, sacred union, the safety of children, and the sanctity of sex. It is an assault on our very souls.

World War III is desired and planned with the Islamic world, representing the darkest faction among cults known as religions led by dark wizards. Their methods involve humiliating and suppressing the feminine, sacrificing innocence through honor killings, and celebrating the death of those who oppose them.

The call to wake up is urgent. Recognize the dark magic at play and consciously choose to be a living warrior against these malevolent forces. It is time to rise above the manipulation, reclaim our spiritual sovereignty, and protect the essence of humanity from this spiritual war.


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