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She will test you.

she will test you

lets be clear first. a real woman, one who keeps plunging fiercely into her fears and is in constant focus on her growth and expansion, one who truly is connected to her spirit and always aiming to embody the divine feminine love, doesn't NEED a man. she WANTS him. thats a very big difference many men take for granted.

she sees the divine and beauty in him or even the potential of the man he can become eventually, even before he can even see it.

when a real woman wants a man, she will test him.

i don't mean an ego driven 'test' where she wants to see what she can 'get ' from him or anything like that. that is an intention many girls have, but the goddess, many times, not even aware she is even doing it since we have been so disconnected from our own power and divinity for so long, will test her man before she will give her full self to him.

why does a Goddess test her God you ask?

well, a true goddess knows her worth. she has seen the depths of reality and explored life deeper than most and she experiences stronger emotions. she is more sensitive and therefore more emotional, for she feels everything and everyone around her on an extreme level. its not easy being a real woman, but she is grateful for this power she has been given, a power that is her nature. this power is what filles her with kindness and true compassion . to nature, people and her man. but he does need to earn it. and again, there is no ego involved. no vanity. she is not better than him, but it is reality that the feminine doesnt need the masculine to evolve spiritually. we, women, are already created connected to higher power. power of creation and the great mother. the masculine , on the other hand, needs the feminine to connect to higher source. and in return, the feminine needs the grounding support and a certain protection in the more physical realms from the masculine.

so a real woman needs to know that the man she has chosen can stand strong in her ever-changing storms. that he has done the inner work himself and he understands how the feminine and masculine energies work, together and apart.

she needs to be sure that he will be the divine masculine and bring to her life and to their bond the power of stability and safety, which is his divine power, while allowing her the space to be herself - knowing that in all her changing colors, she creates life - even for him. when a real woman loves a real man, she transfers to him all the life force that flows through her. and he will experience growth (though sometimes painful if he doesnt know how to work with that force) and expansion, on the material, emotional and spiritual level.

when a man can stand strong through these 'tests' , he will be receiving the keys to her kingdom. he will fully enter heaven's gate and i mean that also literally- since a womans vagina IS heavens gate- he will experience sex like never before, on top of all other gifts. they both will.

now, both man and woman must know how to work with sex energies and power (but i will write about that in a nother article) and create them together.

the problem is that today, because we are all still awakening to our divinity and growing and learning as we go, both men and women are not aware of this natural exchange and flow, and both can destroy the relationship because of that.

these days are the most intense ones that humans have ever gone through. the feminine is rising after ages of being caged in the dark and though women and men are awakening to who they really are, it is not happening all at once and we only receive the information in bits and pieces . ( i mean, after being in the dark for so long, you will burn your eyes if you step out to the strongest sun in the sky.)

so while a real woman will naturally test her man, she often still doesn't know the balance of how to do it, in a loving attentive way, remembering the fragile child in her man's heart, and also when to STOP 'testing'.

she will get so caught up in it, because it brings her power back, but its a fine line where the ego can enter and she will push him too much.

on the other hand, the real man, also awakening to his powers, but still slowly in the process, still govern by ego as well, will allow old fears and ideas to come up- "shes crazy! she keeps changing her mind, moody, unpredictable, bitch! etc..."

dear man- A WOMAN IS UNPREDICTABLE AND EVER CHANGING- THAT IS HER NATURE. the sooner you understand this the better. leaving your woman with every sign of change, believing you will find another woman that always stays the same, will not help.

and dear woman - THERE IS SO MUCH 'TESTING' YOU CAN DO. you are strong and wise enough to feel if this man is yours after only a very short time. in fact, most women , especially the true goddesses (and by that i mean a woman who has done more inner work and is more connected to herself. all women are goddesses, its just some of us are still in the process of discovering that), can usually know from the second she sees this man for the first time. be aware with every step, with every 'test' . don't push too much and remember to stay in the feeling of motherly love. this is how we bring out the GOD in a man. so even if he is not your man, you will still want to awaken the divine masculine in him , not leave him with more 'scars'.

we all, man and woman today, carry, in some way our collective energies from the past.

real women feel the pain of all women from every time and space, so there is a deep, rooted, subconscious (for some, conscious) emotion attached to it. usually fear, anger, distrust.

i know for myself i discovered after much inner work i carry a deep fear of men. i have the memories and pain of so many women before me. physically and emotionally.

and many real men feel the same way and carry a fear or some other heavy emotion towards women.

the truth is that many men cant handle the power of a real women, thats the reason we have been suppressed for so long, but now its our responsibility to work together. to keep seeing and bringing out the beauty in each other.

goddesses and gods, its time for us to unite , understand and see life from each others eyes.

let any relationship that comes your way open your heart even more. see things and understand how the feminine and masculine energies work. ask the universe to show and teach you. there is so much more to all of us. we are truly divine.

forgive yourselves and each other and be truly, In Love.


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