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The Feminine and Masculine have been experiencing feelings of separation, abandonment, betrayal, resentment, jealousy, anger, fearing each other, not understanding one another, irritated by the other, and an overall distrust for so long. Sex has been used as a weapon not only against men and women, but against children as well, and this natural power we all naturally possess as humans, have been hijacked from us by dark forces.


This book gives us another chance as humans to build a healthy, divine relationship and a sexual union. An art that has been long forgotten. Finally, men can understand women and women can understand men, to the core. And most of all, we can all understand ourselves and the natural powers we have as the embodiment of the god/goddess on earth.  


What is magic and how we create it naturally as humans?

What is sex, what is sex magic? What is the potential that a sacred union holds for us? 


The priestesses of the original temple of Isis and Lilith bring the occult knowledge of sex magic back from the temple and show us how we can incorporate it into our modern lives.  Here you will find the knowledge of sexual alchemy for the awakened human.


This book is the first level of the teachings and a self- initiation to the temple, for those who wish to be initiated into the realm of the temple itself. The initiation is not easy. It is not for everyone. Many will not even want to finish reading this book. But those who do will begin their path as living gods.


This book not only offers a new view about the divine feminine and the divine masculine but also gives simple, practical practices for men and women and conscious couples who are ready for a sacred union. Secret practices of sex magic to re-program the god-man and the goddess on earth. 


You will learn about Magic and imagination, dream and time travel, sacred blood and sacred plants as tools for sex magic as well as the shadow aspects of sex, such as sexual trauma, monogamy vs. multiple partners, bondage and submission, sexual possession, sexual dysfunction and destruction of sexual powers in our society, through religion, pedophilia, and mainstream media- but above all- you will learn how to take our powers back. 


The Mother has shown me the potential of what we can create in full union of divine masculine and feminine. And let me tell you...It is pure ecstasy.

Ultimate ecstasy and spiritual awakening through sex.




"What we need now is a massive evolution of relationships. 

We need an awakening of our sacredness with a sense of responsibility and awe to our own powers. 

When two conscious beings come together with an intention, knowing they can and will create a third creation together, what they form in this reality MUST be sacred. For we are all already sacred beings."


Luna Ora

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Simply eye-opening and spectacular.

Luna dives into the complex world of spirituality with simplicity and truth. She covers many important subjects thoroughly and gives a reason for why many things are not how they seem. She also explains divine unions and how energies work within relationships both emotionally and physically! This book helped me shed light on some of my most innermost feelings and is both empowering and full of knowledge! I will read over and over again !!


This isn't an easy book to read, but it may be an essential one.


This book, it will challenge your conceptions and preconceptions. You may find you've been harboring a few misconceptions too.

It certainly took me on a journey far from my comfort zone. I suspect I'll be thinking about this book for a long, long time to come. It's going to be continued hard work, but perhaps that's not a bad thing.

This isn't an easy book. This isn't something to speed read your way through. This isn't for everyone, not the book nor the message. But I found it worthwhile, and the world needs more people in it like the author. Without them, it would indeed be a more dismal, duller, less vibrant world indeed.

An amazing essential Book

This book is a masterpiece (beautifully written with genuine and humility) in order to understand what's going on right now in the world as regard to the feminine and masculine, the duality and transform what's happening inside of us and outside. Luna Ora gives in this book all the tools so that we can heal ourselves and go to the Next Level of Mother Earth (yes, even if we don't want to admit that, the evolution is going on and we are rising up). Thanks for this transmission which gave me the security and the understandings of my sufferins since I am a child, through all the stage of my life until now.... and I am not so young anymore (but feel young and ready for true Love, Peace and transformation).