In the next 3 years, I will be initiating 44 Women to become sex Priestess in the temple of Isis and Lilith. 

I will be seeking 44 women to give this private, exclusive invitation to, for an interview in the sex Magic School of Isis and Lilith. If you received this invitation you have been called to study and prepare to be a sex Priestess in the temple. Listen to your womb and only contact us if you hear a powerful call to join your sisters and embody to Divine mother's wisdom and power with integrity and love. 

If you haven't received an invitation, yet you feel like this is your calling please contact for an interview. 


You will be required to fulfill the goddess return program, as well as studying the 4 levels of the sex magic course, and all other courses in the sex Magic School. 
You will then have a private session, as well as a meeting with the rest of the sex priestesses, where the decision will be made whether you are accepted or not. 
You must pass all of these steps in order to be a priestess in the temple, yet it is not a certainty you will actually be a priestess in the temple itself. 

The sisters of the temple must choose you, and there are crucial requirements for a priestess which are absolutely vital to our Temple. 
Whether or not you are accepted to be a priestess in our temple, this powerful, unique initiation will birth you into your highest form of the embodiment of the goddess you can be in a physical body. 
This is a promise. 
If your life doesn't completely shift during this initiation, you will receive a full refund of your money from the courses. 
Money is not an issue in the sex Temple, we only wish to empower and elevate your soul. Money is proof to us that you are serious about this ancient wisdom and that you will hold it in the highest regard and use it wisely with the highest intention of good and love. 

If at any point in time we will feel you are misusing this powerful knowledge and wisdom, we will lovingly close our gates to you from the sex Magic School, and there will be no refund. 
The sex Magic is like no other school on this planet at this moment. 
It brings high divine frequency and knowledge that must be taken seriously and with the full intention of love, integrity, and of creating a better world based on unity, truth, and real lovemaking and divine sexual union. 




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