Channeling from the sisters of the temple- ASCENSION MESSAGE for Light Workers

"The uncertainty that is in your world right now and within your Collective Consciousness brings you to such a place a true fear. fear you have never felt before. but it can also bring you the potential conquering the deepest fears within your subconscious and co-creat better if you so choose to do so.

This great Darkness is a great potential of great light. And we invite you to dive deeper into your own inner Shadows. we invite you to notice the mirrors that are around you even by those you love the most and those you hate the most. by your governments, by Family, by your friends, by your lovers. we invite you to invoke and welcome all the deepest Shadows that are still hidden within you, all the remainings that are kept hidden and are untouched yet by you.

We invite you to cultivate true courage in the process of bringing and uniting all fragmented parts of yourself into one and accepting all parts of yourself completely, before allowing a new birth of you, of your soul, into the 5th Dimension.

We invite you to completely let go fully of people, situations, and ideas that do no longer serve you in this state right now. we wish for you to do so with love.

We wish for you to think about, focus and love the children. Send them love and send them protection at all times, from your body, from your spirit, from your heart, from your womb. we ask you to focus on the children for these children are holding the frequencies, the information, and the knowledge of your inner deep wounded child that still exists within the Realms of this and other dimensions. We ask you to focus on these children because that is the most important mission of all lightworkers right now. We ask you to focus on the children and bring them into the highest Dimension with you for they are our suffering the traumas over and over again.

The same trauma and fear that you have before. That does not mean that you have had to suffer physically what they do but on an energetic level they are holding the frequencies of your own traumas, your own shadows and they are reliving it again and again within this Physical Realm so that it can be brought into the surface to be healed fully for the collective Consciousness now and forever once and for all, so that all, all, all lightworkers can once and for all transfer and transmute themselves into the highest dimension of the mother.

We Are The Sisters of the Temple and we call you with love and protection and the light of the womb, we bring forth information through many humans right now especially females and we wish all females to connect with their wombs, to each other in the highest vibration possible to connect to love, to listen, to understand, to support one another fully. Within the Awakening of the divine feminine and divine masculine on this planet.

The women will transmute these energies first before the males for they are the holders of the womb and some information can be brought forth only from the womb.

Focus on the children send them love and protection. be responsible with your vibration, your words, your sexual energies and who you come in contact with. For the shadows of many is coming to the surface now, the shadow is coming to the surface in extremely powerful ways and you want to support each other but you do not want other people's Shadows to mix with yours and make you more confused and feel heavier, for you need to focus on healing your aetheric, energetic, mental and physical body.

Focus on relaxing and doing things that relax you and bring relaxation, Serenity and comfort to your physical body. Focus on your immune system, eat light Foods, light Foods, light Foods (they repeat this a few times), Clean water and lots of sunlight. this is essential in this process of cleansing your vessel into the 5th Dimension right now.

Spend a lot of quality time with your loving and loved animals. Feel the love again towards the animal kingdom for they are the holders of the frequency of your own Souls and the aspects of your own soul. The endless aspects of your soul- that is why it is vital to stop eating & consuming and murdering animals for that in itself is stopping you from Ascension. it is basic. We love you."

The Sisters Of The Temple.

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