Sex Magic Evolution Book

This book is for the brave ones who wish to come together in a Divine Union so we can all counterpart the dark of magic that has taken over our reality and birth together and create the new world of the mother.

It took me over three years to write this book and to 'download' all the knowledge within it, all the light codes, and translate this sacred wisdom into a simple form that we all can embody. This wisdom now belongs to us all.

This book will awaken and transform those who are ready to embody their inner god and goddess.

This book offers a unique journey back into sacred sexuality as it was taught in the days of the temple. As it is still lived in the dimension of the temple today.

I know that when we use our sexual powers in the divine, true way it was meant to be used, we will create once more, heaven on earth.

The way we use sex creates our reality. No one has guided us into the ways of real sex. Many think they know what this means but no one does.

This book is not another tantra book. It will take you deeper than ever before if you commit and trust yourself and the temple.

This book is a self-initiation process into the temple. The Original temple of ISIS and LILITH, where this wisdom comes from. A space that has been trying to reach us, humans, to connect with us once more and call us back home. Into our own wombs and hearts. Our divinity and full human potential.

I am so happy to finally released this book and share it with you all. it is filled with The knowledge wisdom and love of the Temple.


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