In this session of the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique* (QHHT), we will go through a few past lives and also speak to the subconscious mind- the all-knowing, soul level, high-self. 

It is a life-changing technique that will open new doorways to your own psyche.  You will get to know your self on a much deeper level than you can imagine and re-program your subconscious to heal itself from emotional and spiritual blockages and baggage and experience relief and understanding of physical issues and relationship patterns.

2-3 HOUR SESSION -$333



                INNER CHILD  WORK 


inner child work is one of the basic healing journeys.

 this is deep soul work at its best. it can be fun and magical yet very powerful and releasing.  in this session I will guide you through deep hypnosis to connect with your inner child, do healing work and build a strong ongoing relationship with them.  this work is vital and important and is the solid ground we walk on every day and affects everything we do as adults.  most of us don't even know and are not aware of the child in us that is longing to heal and reconnect with us once more. 


  Dear Luna 

I have been searching for deep healing and an honest connection to my own soul, body, and heart.

I have searched for something and I knew that something was stuck in me...  I asked for healing and I got it.

what I have experienced with you is a gift and one that must be experienced to understand how special it is. 

                                              Shachar, Israel