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The Sex Priestess Online Initiation


The SEX PRIESTESS INITIATION is an intense, personal program designed and guided by Luna Ora and the sisters of the temple, to prepare the women who are ready to spread the true teachings of sacred sexuality and soul union, and the power of the divine feminine and masculine in the world. It is guided by each sister's unique powers, gifts, and codes. Your full commitment and respect for the teachings and all requirements are vital. The Sex Priestess Initiation Path has 4 levels, followed by a private retreat which will be our space for deeper, occult unique rituals, ceremonies, and priestess work we will learn together with our sisters. One retreat is the main part of this initiation and can only be taken when the full year is completed, and each priestess is ready for the master level of ceremonies. The online journey will prepare you for the real work we will do together, in sisterhood, in a deep ritual space that is highly magical, safe, and one-of-a-kind. Since I can only initiate a few women a year privately, I created the online path as a more affordable and available way for more women to learn and immerse themselves in the knowledge and wisdom of the Temple and to elevate their being and life force through the closest way we can initiate in this day and age. The retreat is mandatory only for priestesses who will be a part of the temple, but any woman who wishes to learn the teachings of the temple is welcomed if she is ready and has followed the requirements during her initiation with Luna Ora. Luna Ora still reserves the right to protect the knowledge and to refuse entry to the retreat to anyone who does not honor the ways of the temple. NOTE: The online initiation includes the Golden Womb course, The Potion Making class, the Spirit Animal Reunion guided meditation, and the Candle Sex Magic class.

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