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Intensive re-programming for the man on the divine path.

the god man program luna ora

I am a sex priestess.

 I have been initiated in the temple of ISIS & LILITH, by the sisters of the temple and I live my human life at my highest integrity to serve the divine mother herself. It is my goal and mission to awaken divine men and women that will continue the wisdom and live the truth of the hidden knowledge of real sexual power and the true sacred union.

Sex energy is the one that creates our reality, connects us to each other, to God/dess and ourselves. It is the most vital tool we have as humans and we must know how to use it wisely, especially at this time of human awakening. 

Not every human is ready for this knowledge, but I know all who are, will find their way to true wisdom.

I protect and offer (to those who are ready and committed) the true teachings of the temple, received from the sisters themselves who directly teach me this knowledge. They also teach me to be careful whom I share it with, for many have been misusing this power for very dark and baneful purposes. 


In this committed process of the God- Man path, I am focused on raising your frequency, connecting you with your power- the heart- and guiding you as you return to the state of your godliness. 

I am committed to serving your SOUL. not your ego, not your mind and not your penis. 

THIS WORLD NEEDS MORE DIVINE MEN. The divine masculine power has been suppressed just as much as the divine feminine.

I love the real power of men. 

I love their strength that comes from the heart, their sexuality when it is grounded in truth and love, and their infinite knowledge they yearn to share. I love divine men's courage, integrity and immense capacity to love. 

I love you, brothers. And I see you. 

This is why I do this. My womb is here to hold and birth more of your divine power into this world. 


With this wisdom and practice, if you honor your commitments and trust me as your sister of the temple, your reality will shift, and you will never go back to the old patters you have lived ! Therefore, beware, this process is only a fit for men who TRULY wish to live their divine path, and ONLY for the brave ones. 


If you wish to start this journey with me there are strict rules, promises, and commitments to be made.


There will be a screening process where I choose only the men whom I feel can handle this extreme energy and shift, and I only work with a few men at a time, so you may need to be on a waiting list if you are invited.

I give you all of me on this journey, so I expect you to give me (and yourself) all of you as well. 

You must understand that I am committing to you as well, so I need to feel comfortable and safe with the men whom I chose to work with. This is an intense and intimate experience we will be taking together.

Divine masculine and  Divine feminine together - in service of the divine mother and source itself.


It is my promise that you will understand who you are, as a man, and more so, as a divine man. You will face all the darkness as well as the light in you, your ego, fears, old patterns, and stories. You will get to know yourself on the deepest level and will get all the tools you need to go conquer your own world after our time together. A world, by the way, which you will see through a whole new set of eyes. 

You will know your purpose and goals more clearly.

Your interactions with people and reality will shift. 

Your relationship with sex, food, your body and health, money, and women will change drastically to the point where you will probably see a whole new man in the mirror looking back at you.

So you can see why this program is only for the brave ones. Only for the warriors who walk the path of the peaceful warrior, the protector, the truth-seeker. 

This is a path for the men who truly wish to embody their full divine masculinity.

A path for the God-Man. 


If you are committing to this process, to me and the temple, I will be committing to you. I will commit to being your divine priestess and sister, serving your highest self, and pushing you to the peak of your power (as well as pushing some painful buttons as well with lots of tough love).




                                                                  THE JOURNEY

This is a 3- or 6-months commitment to the private coaching with Luna Ora, with a one, upfront payment and there will be no refunds. This is a part of the commitment process. A divine man KNOWS from his heart what his path is, and once he is committed to it, nothing gets in his way, not even his own mind, ego and old programming. 

When you commit to me, I, on my part, am committing to you, and I honor a man who honors his word.

In this period of time, we will be working together, I promise to serve you as the divine feminine you will NEED (not necessarily the feminine you want). This is an individual, personal, spiritual process, NOT a physical sexual one. There will be no sexual intercourse of any kind, but trust me, during this process, your sexual power will rise, and you will gain your divine masculine power on a much deeper level than just physical- A gift, which I assure you- will empower your sexual powers, desires, and wisdom and take your sex life to a whole new plane of existence. 

I am committed to weekly video calls sessions with you during this time and one extra free session, which you have a full year to use. 


**You also have the option to receive a private, face-to-face, priestess healing session at some point of the last 2 months of our mutual work together, or any time after that, for 50% off. (This private session will depend on our work during this time, and I will feel and evaluate what you will need in this healing session at the end of our time together. You will need to travel to me for this private session.)



 this is a path of divine masculinity, and as such, it is a path of pure integrity and commitment.

These are the basic requirements you will promise to fulfill during this time:


1. an upfront payment of the entire program fee (you agree there are no refunds unless I will not fulfill the promised phone sessions)

we will sign a clear contract between us before we embark on our journey.



2. you will promise to NOT ejaculate for the first 30 days of our program or have any sexual intercourse and follow any guidelines at any point later on. (you may be instructed to commit to a longer period of time and must follow the guidelines given by your priestess). (

3. you will keep a journal and write according to my weekly recommendations.

4. you promise to be completely honest with me about ALL that is happening in your life in the period of our program.

5. you promise to NOT share the knowledge and process with any other person in your life during the process, at all. Most are not ready for this deep re-programming and can easily move you from your path, and other men can, and will, use this knowledge in a dark way. I have seen it happen many times. This is a vital requirement when you commit to working with me- HONORING THE WISDOM AND KNOWLEDGE of the temple. 

6. you may be asked, at some point in time, to find a  sexual partner to serve, and you MUST follow my guidelines with her EXACTLY. Do not worry if you don't have a partner. we will discuss all these details. 

* If you do have a partner, we will include her in a second interview as well to explain more details of the process. 

7. you commit to eating a plant-based diet during the process, and absolutely NO alcohol and drugs of any kind. (a vegan, high-frequency diet is crucial. I will help and guide you as much as you need, no worries)

8.  you will keep a dream journal and will follow the powerful 'dream reading' tool I will teach you.

9. you are committed to one video/phone call a week where you fully disclose all about your experiences, progress and feelings.  this is a safe space and no information you share will ever be kept safe with me

10. this process is extremely personal. again. it is not to be shared with no one. this is vital. 

       The same promise is, of course, made by me as well -as your priestess. 


If you are interested to begin this path of the God-Man with me, contact me for an interview, where I will determine if we can work together and will answer every question you have. 

3 months -private initiation with Luna Ora
schedule an interview:

6 months - private initiation with Luna Ora
schedule an interview:

10 weeks - self guided online program



Everyone with a spiritual pull in your heart should listen to Luna. 
She has great wisdom and has taught me more in 3 months then a lifetime of parents, teachers and counselors. 


Terry,  USA. 

I am a product of your guidance dear Priestess. And there is NO better training than yours.

All the money and hours spent in counseling haven’t even scratched the surface that you have.

I am so appreciative of your kind teaching and wisdom.

I have also stopped taking anti-anxiety medication. I really don’t feel I need it and I don’t miss it.

Also now, (because of your training Dear Priestess), you have brought back my sense of respect for women.

Dear Sister, it would be my duty to let others know your program has what is needed to awaken the God /Goddess inside us. I have spent years and tons of money with other programs and counselors and books but only your God-Man Program works.


My deepest love,

Mike, GA, USA

The words thank you are not enough. 
You have given me the most beautiful gift a woman can give a man. You have given me my own true power again. You have shown me who I really am. You took me deep into my darkness with so much courage and love. Honestly, I don't know how you knew just the right way to guide me but I am grateful that I trusted you even though one of my main issues was my lack of trust in women. 
I see the divine feminine in a different way because now I see and know what it's like to live as a real divine man. 
Thank you Luna.

                          Avi, Tel Aviv, ISRAEL. 

These three months have been the most intense scary an amazing time of my life. I wasn't sure I could finish the program but lilac did not give up on me end pushed me to my limits in order for me to live from my heart and to find the Divine man I always I knew I could be. 
My sex life with my wife I've never been better. In fact, I couldn't even imagine I could enjoy sex and intimacy this way even in my wildest dreams. 
I am a better partner and I am a better man to this world and for the first time in my life, I am proud to look at myself in the mirror after years of feeling guilt and shame from growing up in a religious home and abusive parents. 
So much gratitude and so much light to you dear sister.

                       Joshua, WA, USA

I was very skeptical about this program. As a 40 + year old man who's been through enough in life, I thought I had done all the work needed to be the man that I wanted to be but my divorce brought me to a crucial point in my life but I knew I had to make a change and it has to be now. I found Luna's program and though my mind kept telling me this is insane I knew that this is something that will shift something in me. 
I am not the same man I was before this program. 
I am the best version of a man that I can be in this lifetime after these short three months. (though it felt like forever at some moments. )
I now understand what Lilac meant when she said this is not meant for Every man. And I am proud to be a man who has committed and achieved my purpose for this journey. 

                               Jason, CA, USA. 

Luna Ora saved my marriage. after 10 years of marriage, we have hit rock bottom and Luna went above and beyond, working not only with myself but with my wife, in our healing and re-connecting process. her 'programming' of us and our relationship was the soul medicine we both needed. 

We will forever be in awe and gratitude. This program and the sessions we have taken after were the best investment we have made in our marriage and our personal lives. 

                               Frank, NY, USA

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