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The Sex Magic School and Temple retreats are the most powerful, unique experiences since they demand with them the upmost integrity, love and commitment of the Temple itself. You can choose between the private, couple's or sex priestess retreat. Please sign up to the waiting list and we will notify you when registration is open. 



For this retreat i recommend you read all books in the sex magic school as well as begin your online sex priestess initiation. This will be your preparation for this intense, one-of-a-kind retreat experience where we will go deep into realms of yourself you have never met before. 

The Sex Magic Couple's Retreat

Please sign up to the waiting list and we will notify you when the couples retreat begins. No need for prior knowledge or preparation, other than the guidelines you will receive after registration. 



This is a full private weekend with Luna Ora. 

please schedule an interview to see if you are compatible for this and to discuss prices and location. 

This experience will change your life and you must be ready for this deep priestess, shamanic work of the Temple. 

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