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Secrets from the temple of ISIS & LILITH 

This book is the 2nd level of the Sex Magic School. It reveals deeper secrets and fascinating teachings of not only the temple symbols but of the temple itself, the priestesses, and their daily lives and work.

Between the lines, you will also learn about the true story of King Solomon and how he gained power in the days of the temple and the true story of LILITH, Adam and Eve- a side of the story no history book will ever reveal. You will learn about the surprising meaning of the 'all-seeing eye' that no one ever told you, the important numbers for sex magic and a very special chapter with the full truth about TWIN FLAMES and walk-in souls.

The sisters will lead us to the true meaning of each sacred symbol and give us practical practices and ways to use them in your sex magic ritual and mastery.

Symbols are all around us. A powerful symbol is created to ‘trap’ your attention and in many cases- program your mind. The elites, a small group of dark sorcerers whose reign has a hold on the government, Hollywood, and even the Vatican, have been using sacred symbols for too long, with a very dark, baneful intention and they have gained tremendous power, while hiding the true knowledge from us. They use symbols in order to influence and connect you with the energy and realm they wish to create & to manipulate our subconscious mind, but once we have the knowledge of symbols- we cannot be controlled any longer- we become the masters of our subconscious mind.

So, what if we use the true knowledge of symbols and sex magic with wisdom- and change the course of destiny in the world? What if we can create our own world, based on love, unity, truth, and freedom?

knowledge is power and in knowing how to use the knowledge better- we can shift everything.

We can create a new reality. We can use the same symbols, but with an intention of love and light, to counter the dark powers that are using the same symbols for baneful purposes against us.

LILITH is the one who gave Eve an apple. A gift of knowledge. Of light, not of darkness.

This book is a gift from the sisters of the temple, that has the potential to set us free.

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Of The Book 

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