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Kali, Sex and the sacred Death

Let's talk about sex and death, shall we?

I do not follow any religion, even hinduism. but i find that it is the closest human, fairly modern attempt to understand god, with its many gods and goddesses, and allegorical tales of each of them.

God is not this one image of an old man sitting in the sky, punishing and rewarding us depending on how we follow other men-made rules and lies. God, Source, has endless forms, faces and expressions- as many as there are humans. That is why we are all parts of god, expressing itself, and lets not forget the non- human expressions- like trees and animals. We can also expend our view on god's many faces to see other alien forms, that are literally endless. So, God- is endless, infinite expression, constantly expressing and expending itself.

The goddess kali is one of these many expressions- and she herself has many names.

A very main primordial archetype of this force in our psyche, she is a highly important to our human story. A misunderstood face of source, what people call God, but is the eternal space of source- what i like to call- the eternal womb of the mother. The endless void space we all come from and where all life is created and birthed.

The name Kali is derived from Sanskrit. It means “she who is black” or “she who is death”.

She is the goddess of ultimate power and of time - and as an embodiment of time, she devours all things. she is destruction and change in Shaktism.

She is a ferocious form of goddess Mahadevi, the supreme of all powers, or the ultimate reality.

“Kali stands naked. fierce, her tongue out usually in red. her skin dark blue.

Her right foot is placed on the chest of Her husband. Her hair wild, A necklace of human heads around Her neck. In one of four hands She holds a sword, which symbolizes all knowledge ; in another, a severed head, which represents the death of ego. Kali’s fourth hand is raised in blessing on those who seek liberation from the endless play of maya, or illusion."

Kali represents Mother Nature herself. The pure essence of the feminine in her many forms and movements. She is wild, untamed, free.

Kali is a symbol of pure sexual power. of the pure life force of sexuality we all possess. She is the sexual liberator- life force liberator, and is an important arcitype to work with and incorporate within our sacred sexual union in the temple of ISIS & LILITH.

As the feminine, who gives life, she symbolise also the polar aspect of death.

she is life and death.

Creation and destruction - two polar energies that we also find in sex.

Humans can use sex as a weapon to hurt, take, destroy and traumatize (as most have been using for too long) or we can use sex to create, heal and grow.

Sex and Death have both been so distorted in our society.

On one hand, we see distorted sex everywhere, just as we see distorted images of death everywhere. We are bombarded with images of violence in horrific ways, from news and movies, and also we consume animals and disregard the horrible cruelty we pay for. we have become numb to violence, while our connection to the sacredness and beauty of death itself has been supressed deeply.

Same goes for sex. We are bombarded with images and videos of distorted sex from all directions, while we have been so disconnected from the sacredness, unity, freedom and power it holds.

An example of this is when our religious leaders forbid us to speak of sex, punish and shame people who explore their sexuality in healthy ways, while raping children behind closed doors and making it another norm we have been programed into.

If we havent been programmed to see this as norm, we would have dismissed all religion by now after knowing the horrific truth that our religious leaders have made in the name of 'god'. This includes blood sacrifice, slave trade, selling children, raping women and children, torturing people, burning so called witches, etc...

THE GYPSIES AND SAINT SARA - saint sara, or: sara the egyptian (because the gypsyes believe she traveled from egypt) is the christian gypsy saint of travel .

in romani language- her name is kali, or the black one. kali, the black madonna, she unites all gyspies everywhere.

Back to kali...

Her nature is of life and death, of life force, pure, unwavering, wild sexual power that is born from love, truth and the core of the feminine essence.

As one embodiment of death, she is in a way a symbol of existence itself. Humanity has been demonizing death because of the fear of it but it is mainly because religion has used the fear of death to control humanity. This is why they had to make us forget our connection to nature, to mother nature, to kali energy. they banned sacred plant medicine that gives us the ultimate gift of seeing and accepting death, so we can live a truly free and whole life.

When we do not fear death, when we live in our full power- we cannot be controlled and manipulated. When we do not fear death, when we learn to embrace it through sacred rites and initiation- from a young age- we are freed.

kali offers us the union with death. this loving acceptance of our eternal journey, which ironically do not end in death. she offers us a glimpse into the truth that there is no death, but we can only know this if we accept it and unite with it fully.

Kali is also known as the liberator of souls, and now we can see why. She offers us the true freedom of our life force, while demands us to use it with fierce integrity and love.

“Her energy is omnipresent; she purely represents the eternal changing, moving energy of life.

she is depicted as dancing all over creation. This dance represents the movement of cosmic vibration, in which all things exist.

Shiva, Her husband, represents God in His vibrationless state, he represents the masculine's Pure consciousness.."

With endless faces and depictions, she has many forms she has been depicted by many namesA but above all, she is a mother. a protector. An empowering image that our collective psyche needs.

Kali and shiva represent also a healthy,aligned dynamic of the divine masculine and feminine.

Of sacred union. Kali is the dynamic, changing, raging aspect, life force, sexual energ and beauty, while Shiva is the silent aspect- the divine masculine- consciousness itself. Together, they fulfil the highest Source and they balance each other’s powers out.

It is said that if you look at the gods with human eyes, you will see them as separate beings. But if you gaze on them with your inner eye, you will see that they are truly one force. That any god is within you and you are within all gods- aspects of source itself.

Kali is more naturally embodied in females. For the feminine is the nature of kali. Everchanging. Loving. Sometimes angry when justice is lacking for her children. The feminine shakes us into awakening, unlike the masculine who brings us to source with silent consciousness. They both serve and reach source, but do so in different ways, and when they come together in union, they also can enjoy each other's gifts and ways to connect to source.

Kali holds the ability to give life and destroy it completely- like the mother- the pure divine feminine, which IS creation force.

Some spiritual people think that the divine feminine is always so calm, sweet and peaceful. They in fact make the divine feminine to be a submissive Eve type, where as the divine feminine is everthing- she is the pure waters of love and the pure flames of rage and death. She is ALL.

The true deep rage of the feminine is more destructive of any dark masculine. This is why the masculine has tried to demonize, diminish, destroy and distort the feminine for so long- for the fear of her true power. But Kali's image cannot die in our consciousness for it is a basic, natural aspect of our nature. No matter how much the dark masculine has tried to control and manipulate our true nature, it will always live in our psyche and will emerge in different ways, symbols, stories, architypes, etc...

Those who are more conscious are naturally, knowingly or not, always on this path of Kali.

They know that the path of physical manifestations must be that of a constant flow of life and death.

The death and rediscovery of ego, as more and more layers of it are striped away. Also the movement of life itself, which moves through incarnation after incarnation, yet is eternal and one.

Humans who deeply yearn for freedom from the cosmic play, the maya, the illusion- know they must unite with their inner Kali. With their constant inner death and rebirth in this kali energy.

This is a sacred union in a way, with existence itself, a space where all manifestation happens.

This is why real witches and wizards know all about this space of sacred death and embody it fully, incorporating it in their rituals and lives, embracing its powers- for good or bad - even those who practice highly baneful, black magic- because it is this space that allows true freedom and power as well as universal truth.

Ironically, the dark witches and wizards in our world live in more unity with source than most of us, So imagine if we all know what real magic truly is and connect to this power but with pure intentions of love?

The magic, beauty and freedom we can all achieve are endless.

Kali gives us the gift of true source connection. Eternal freedom, bliss and magic. She leads us back into the womb we all yearn for deep in pur soul's journey. we all come from this womb space and all seek our way back in some way...

So ask kali to show you the way to your true, raw, connected sexual power. Not the 'penis in a vagina' version, but the life force potential we all hold.

Ask her as well to show you the path to unite with death. Sacred Death. Not the violent, distorted version we see all around.

Speaking of death, i would like to mention DMT and psychedelics.

DMT is the death hormone. It is produced in our bodies naturally when we are born and when we die. We can also produce it naturally in a dark room (minimum one week), through deep surrender and kundalini mastery, body purification and preserving and harnessing our sexual energy.

This takes courageous commitment.

Women can produce it easier than men, and faster, because of our natural ability for deep imagination (as creatures of the subconscious, as opposed to males, who are creatures of the conscious) and of course, our wombs. our womb IS the dark abyss of source. We literally hold it within us, this is why women are more naturally already closer to source, because we hold it within our bodies.

Going into pure darkness is a journey that will bring one to their pure light.

It is also a great journey to take to cleanse the body of any entities, but you must be careful because too much DMT can cause the spirit to leave the body as well. you must prepare for this medicine, have support during and after it from people you trust and that can respect this process, and you must keep your vessel pure!!! (especially from any animal products, alcohol, porn, unconscious sex and low frequency drugs).

Religion has been blocking humanity's connection to the divine and taught us that god is outside of us, while psychedelics can be the key, when used correctly, with integrity, honor and respect, to true divine connection with source. These teachers (the medicine spirits) show us the way to where god really is- within us.

This is what jesus meant when he said- "know thyself". When we know ourselves, we can truly know god. But instead, we created an evil cult that takes power away from humans, using his (jesus) image, like he was their (the religious leaders) and god's spokesperson.

Though Ayahuasca is a gift for pure sacred death and rebirth, it is not for everyone, but The 'Magic' Mushroom, is the main teacher of the mother for most humans. It was actually a natural part of life for many ancient cultures to share often, even with their young ones.

Like the symbol of the snake, the mushroom gifts us with poison, which holds within it the cure as well. Like the Oroborous, it is a teacher of the highest wisdom because it takes you into yourself.

I wish you a sacred death, over and over again... Love, Luna Ora and the sisters of the Temple of ISIS & LILITH.

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