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Recognizing angels and demons

Recognize loving entities from demons; demons are tricksters. They can appear as any other being, disguising themselves to suit the person's unique subconscious mind and belief system. For instance, if one loves angels, demons may manifest as angels.

I encounter people every day who are possessed. It's essential to dispel the Hollywood image of demon possession – often, it's invisible, happening without our awareness, particularly when the person is in a sleep state.

There's a prevailing misconception that demons reside in another dimension. While true, it's crucial to understand that demons are already present in our realm. Portals have been opened by nefarious individuals who believe they are above others, having lost their souls. CERN is just one example of a place that has opened portals, alongside various religious institutions, government bodies, and dark wizards diligently working to maintain these openings. This information isn't meant to instill fear but to empower. Awareness allows us to make conscious choices and choose a different path.

If we fail to consciously direct our energy and life force towards a specific source, such as the mother or a true divine essence, these decisions will be made for us. Given that our bodies constantly receive and transmit information, and with the prevalence of low entities, it's easier than ever for them to enter humans. Awareness is crucial in the face of constant bombardment from various directions.

Always ask entities to identify themselves clearly. Genuine light beings will do so in a satisfying, clear manner, leaving no room for doubt. Their words will align with their energy, and you can take a moment to feel it. Light beings won't rush or push you; trust your instincts and consult your womb or heart.

Don't feel ashamed if you've encountered demons. Seeing or experiencing demonic attacks doesn't mean you're demonic. Demons often target lightworkers in distinct ways. Share experiences, as it may reveal different perspectives and coping mechanisms.

Purify your vessel and frequency daily, especially before engaging in any medicine or psychedelics. Many people mishandle psychedelics, making it potentially dangerous. Daily cleansing of the body, spirit, and mind is not optional but vital. Embody the sacredness within to protect and follow your highest path.

Tools of the dark include inversion, hierarchy, manipulation, fragmentation, trauma, and fear. Dark forces create false Christ energies or saviors, often manipulating those with low consciousness or even deceiving seemingly enlightened spiritual leaders. Demons attempt to infiltrate highly conscious individuals, particularly lightworkers, exploiting moments of fear, doubt, or weakness.

Anything causing separation lowers your frequency. Actions like consuming animal products, taking from others, causing pain, or being obsessed with cell phones contribute to this separation. Be mindful of technology's impact on human connections.

Seeking truth requires inner purification. Cleansing is essential, both physically and energetically, to connect with pure love and truth. Understand the dark forces' tactics and remain grounded to avoid falling into their manipulations.

When it comes to demonic influence, take responsibility for your own purification. Don't rely on others, and don't cleanse others unless it's a small child who doesn't understand. Keep yourself clean and become the energy you want your children to embody. Ground yourself, avoid drugs and alcohol, and be present in your body during initiations.

Use plant medicine and psychedelics with respect and awareness, avoiding dependency or using them as an escape. Knowing yourself provides authority over yourself and fosters a deep connection with the divine. Spiritual sovereignty enables discernment and protection in a world infiltrated by dark technology and demonic possessions. Recognizing the difference between natural and synthetic influences empowers us to evolve and choose our reality.


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