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To the wounded masculine...

To the wounded masculine.

I never let any man hurt me. I never let any men get that close. born into a dark masculine world i learned from the start to be strong and protective of all that i am. But something about your hard shell, your deep grunt of sadness, trying to mask as powerful control, I hear what your soul aches to tell.

A story.

Different than the one you show the world.

When you touch me, you are rough. You do not wish to hurt me but I feel the undercurrents of your revenge. The revenge you have to all women, or maybe just to that one who marked your heart with pain. It is not me you are angry with, but it is the only way you taught yourself to love. The way you defend your fragile heart.

When we twirl our bodies in passion, I let you use my body so I can Reveal Your Truth. Only when a woman truly listens she can hear and this time I choose to put my fear aside and listen truly to yours. Your body tells It All. You Can't Hide nothing though you try as always, but you yet don't know this time you are facing a goddess, not a girl.

Someone who is not afraid of her own Darkness or yours.

I push myself out of my comfort zone, to join you in yours.

You love with rage, with untamed lust. but i see it for what it really is. I let you push my body to the point of unfamiliar chaos. Until i cannot bare the pain. I let you use it and show me who you are. so I can get to know the depth of your heart. Through your body is the only way I can see the wounds you carry inside because you will not tell them to me. You will not even admit them all to yourself. You pushed them so deep beneath layers of fake confidence and tough Shields. layers of thick, scarred skin and menacing cloths. that is after all what you have learned to be in this world. a guarded warrior. from me. You wish to love me but also hurt me because you crave me. you're terrified of me and the pain I can inflict with my love And with my own fear.

You scare me. but this time I choose to see you and really love you. for who you are. not who you taught yourself to be.

Despite my own anger and fear of you I see your inner child. I find compassion for us both. It was not just my soul that was trapped in this dark masculine world but your Divinity as well that had no freedom to fully embody in you. We both are reborn into the world of the mother now ,in a time of the darkest hour, to bring together the biggest light.

You cage me because you don't want me to leave. You break my spirit so I forget my powers and won't be able to hurt you with them, but you are the one hurting yourself by hurting me. You come from me and will always remain in me. in my womb. When you Unleash Your rage at me and my womb, you burn yourself at the core level of Who You Are.

If you love me and let me love you, you will see what i truly want. to keep you safe in me. always.

I know what I must do, and it’s the hardest thing for me to do. Especially now, when I’m awakening. So vulnerable, so scared. All my wounds reveal as well. my skin more sensitive to your light than ever. But I know it. I must surrender. To you. To myself. To my power and love. To my tears and agony. To my passion.

So I do.

I let go and know you will find your way back into my womb. Into the mother. To yourself.

Give Me Freedom to be all I am. honor your own home. the home for your heart. my womb. And you will be unstoppable.

See me truly for who I am. Your lover, sister, mother. friend. not an enemy.

Not an inferior, but a Creator- your Creator - and we will be one.

I only need to feel safe in your arms and I Can Fly!

And when I do my love, I will always take you with me.

Love, the divine feminine.

I And when I do, I will always take you with me.

Love, the divine feminine.


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