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the Kybalion book teaches us that everything in the universe is mental.

All knowledge resides within us; we are the cosmos itself. We embody what some might call the Akashic Records. The key lies in activating the internal lights that unveil the codes within. This is a journey uniquely ours; no one else can embark on it for us. The task of turning on these lights is solely ours, requiring us to explore the boundless realms of our own shadows to discover the switches of the vast cosmos within.

Once we have illuminated the path and gained clarity, we cannot revert to a state of ignorance. The act of turning on the light ensures that what we see becomes an integral and irreversible part of our understanding.

We are currently engaged in a war on consciousness. Dark forces are attempting to maintain their hold on human minds and energy. They flood our minds with negativity, primarily fear, anxiety, and doomsday narratives, in an effort to manipulate us into creating these scenarios with our thoughts and imagination. We are the ones who possess the power to manifest shadows into reality, not them. They merely invest endless resources in influencing our minds and shaping our imagination to suit their agenda.

Our objective is to do everything possible to elevate our frequency, rendering us immune to control. This process begins with our bodies and extends to the use of our imagination to create what we desire—the manifestation of our highest timeline.

Additionally, we now have the ability to delete and revoke all soul agreements, as well as cancel old contracts, as we embark on the journey into the new Earth.

In delving into the realm of demonic entities, it's crucial to unveil the multidimensional tapestry that defines human existence. While I often allude to these entities, it's imperative to clarify that their reality is but one layer of our intricate existence. At the deepest stratum, any demonic entity is an embodiment of a fragmented aspect of ourselves—a wounded fragment that arose from unmet needs, crystallizing into existence as a thoughtform.

This thoughtform, born from the crucible of unfulfilled desires, takes on a life of its own, weaving its influence into our lived experience. The majority of humanity, ensnared in the throes of a low vibrational state and distanced from their inherent divinity, inadvertently gives rise to distorted manifestations of their inner demons in the tangible realms of reality. Compounding this complexity is the insidious influence of chaos magic wielded by dark wizards, casting a shadow over our collective well-being and functioning as a potent catalyst for impending disaster.

The intricate dance between human consciousness and these self-created demons unfolds on a subconscious level. When individuals grapple with unmet needs, a clandestine contract materializes with the thoughtform brought to life by their emotions and pain. This pact, though unseen by the naked eye, holds the potential to shape the course of their reality.

As this thoughtform gains autonomy, it exerts an energetic pull on the individual, intensifying the emotional and psychological turmoil. The symbiotic relationship between the person and their self-spawned demon perpetuates a cycle of feeding and being fed upon—a reciprocal exchange of energy that deepens the entanglement.

To break free from this malevolent dance, one must embark on a journey of self-awareness and reconnection with their divine essence. Recognizing the distorted nature of these thoughtforms is the first step toward liberation. By consciously dismantling the subconscious contracts and raising one's vibrational frequency, individuals can sever the energetic ties that bind them to these self-created demons, reclaiming sovereignty over their internal landscape.

In this exploration of the metaphysical battleground, understanding the dynamics between our own consciousness, unmet needs, and the thoughtforms we inadvertently bring to life is pivotal. It is through this understanding that we can navigate the labyrinth of our own psyche and, in doing so, transmute the chaos into a harmonious symphony of self-realization.


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