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The Sex Priestess Program Level 1



This Re-program is for :

Women of all ages who wish to live their true divine purpose, in their full potential and natural divine feminine power and connection to all the cosmos. 

Women who wish to strengthen and deepen their relationship with themselves and the world around them. 

Women who seek a healthy life, physically, mentally, emotionally and financially.

Women who wish to create meaningful, lasting, powerful relationships. To have mindblowing sexual experiences, grow their confidence, sense of worth, self love, and deepen any connection. 

Women who wish to create a better world and share their divine unique gifts with life itself. 

Women who want to live each day filled with their sexual essence, enjoy pure sexual ravishment and better orgasms. 

Women who wish for a life of vitality, clarity, joy, and inner peace. 

Women who wish to find a deeper meaning, mission and live in pure service. 


10 weeks of unique, powerful guidance from Luna Ora. 

plus three 90 minute video calls with Luna Ora which you can use anytime during your journey. 

(Plus: You will also receive the spirit animal guided meditation.)


the goddess reborn luna ora

The life-changing Goddess Re-born program is for every woman on this planet who is ready to embody her FULL POWER AND FEMININE POTENTIAL in every aspect of her life. This is  deep, penetrating 10 weeks of re-programming each aspect of your life to fully embody your full power, potential, pleasure, and sacred inner womb wisdom as a human goddess on earth. 

When a woman awakens her true power,

she is unstoppable. 


with 3 sessions with Luna Ora


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