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Erectile disfunction & the power of a man

You don't have to have ED to read this article. You will get a deeper understanding on how to be a better lover, embody your divine masculine, and yes- perhaps avoid getting ED in the future.


There is a reason that ED happens and it is vital to explore all the levels of the man so you can' know thyself' as well as be a wholer man in every aspect of your life.

We will explore the physical, emotional and energetic level of a man and why he could have sexual dysfunction.


Erectile dysfunction, also called impotence, is the most common sexual problem in men. It is a spectrum disorder, meaning, some men can't get it up and some can't keep it up. For some it happens every time they have sex, and for some, only once in a while. For some it is physical and for some, emotional or psychological.

It is the inability to get or keep an erection firm enough to have a complete sexual intercourse.

Let's talk numbers- around 40 million U.S. men have ED.

Erectile dysfunction affects more than 50% of men over the age of 40.

Research from 2013 found that ED affected 26% of adult males under 40 years old and now the numbers are getting higher. Other studies have suggested that around 8% of men between the ages of 20 and 29 and 11% of males ages 30–39 have some form of ED. The actual number might be even higher because men under the age of 40 are less likely to seek treatment than those over the age of 40.

I feel that the rise in erectile dysfunction is one of the many physical manifestation of the destruction of masculinity in our society. It is clear to see that there are way more men who suffer from this condition and it is in many young men and boys these days. This is alarming. It is no joke and not to be taking lightly. It is, as i see it, an attack on masculinity and a clear attempt to destroy the true power in men, which (in their divine power) are the protectors, the builders, the ones who bring the divine feminine vision into reality.

It is important to note that when a man doesn't communicate about his problem openly, the woman may feel like she is doing something wrong, or perhaps her man doesn't find her attractive anymore, which can bring to a tear in a relationship, so open communication and acknowledgement of any sexual issue is key in taking the steps to also solving the issue. a man who is confident and open about his sexual problems is a lot more attractive than a man who tries to ignore it. Because weather you like it or not- she will notice.

So, for the women who read this who have a partner with this issue, never take erectile dysfunction personally, be as supportive as possible and see your man in his absolute optimal health and performance. You cant do the work for him, but your belief in him is the greatest gift you can offer.

See your man as the channel of light that he is. Work your loving magic on him. If your man is connected to you, you can shift his energy. It is your job, in fact, as his divine feminine to bring out the God in him, as he holds and worships the Goddess in you- this is why- men- you must treat your woman as the goddess she is because this is how you will benefit the most from her love and devotion.

The penis is an extension of the man. It is a sign of his phycological and physical health as well as his spiritual potency.

Because the penis and heart connection is very important in men, if the penis is weak, the heart is as well.

How the man shows up in life is how he shows up in his penis. This can be a sign for the physical health, his divine masculine power, his relationship to women, etc...


ED can happen:

  • Most often when blood flow in the penis is limited or nerves are harmed. not enough blood can flow into the penis or too much blood is released too fast from the penis. basically, the penis cannot trap blood during an erection. If blood does not stay in the penis, a man cannot keep an erection. This issue can happen at any age. Many health issues can reduce blood flow into the penis, such as hardened arteries, heart disease, high blood sugar (Diabetes) and smoking.

A plant-based diet is a great start, as well as using herbs to balance hormones, while going through a cleanse, and also having a Strict daily physical practice to strengthen the body.

  • Nerve signals from the brain or spinal cord do not reach the penis. - Certain diseases, injury or surgery in the pelvic area can harm nerves to the penis.

  • Diabetes can cause small vessel disease or nerve damage to the penis

  • Cancer treatments near the pelvis can affect the penis' functionality - Surgery and or radiation for cancers in the lower abdomen or pelvis can cause ED. Treating prostate, colon-rectal or bladder cancer often leaves men with ED. Cancer survivors should see a Urologist for sexual health concerns.

  • Drugs used to treat other health problems can negatively impact erections. anti depressions, blood pressure medications, heart medications, etc. (Patients should talk about drug side effects with their primary care doctors.)

  • ED can be an early warning of a more serious illness, like: atherosclerosis (hardening or blocked arteries), heart disease, high blood pressure or high blood sugar from Diabetes.

first it is important to role out any Physical Causes of ED, then to explore the more emotional, spiritual and mental causes.


  • Stress or emotional reasons.

  • EMF. too much radiation and cell phone close to your body. some people are more sensitive than others.

  • Poisons like air fresheners, cleaning supplies or any other toxic materials you may be around at home or work. , the quality of air where you work or live. make sure to have as less toxins in your life as possible.

  • Nutrition - consumption of animal products, especially dairy affects the hormone levels (raises estrogen and lowers testosterone) in men especially and may cause a wide variety of dysfunctions in the body. Eat live foods and clean water.

Foods that increase sexual libido- papaya, bananas, spinach, dark chocolate (cacao is best), ginger, pumpkin seeds, as well as herbs such as Tongkat ali, Ashwagandha, and various types of mushrooms.

  • Alcohol and drugs (as well as some legal drugs) are detrimental for our health, and this includes sexual health.

  • Taking pills like viagra can even make this worsen in time and it also destroys the overall physical health.

  • Hormonal imbalance especially through dairy and meat products. These days men have too much estrogen in their diet. Dairy is mucus and it is full of growth hormone for a baby cow to grow. It is poison for humans and for men, it actually pumps them with estrogen and they are becoming more feminine today because there are plenty of hormones added to dairy on top of the natural growth hormones in it.

Hormonal imbalance can also be caused from behavior.

If a guy smokes weed all day, has no purpose, acts very feminine, feels lost, weak, or lacks groundness and focus, it will make an impact on his hormones as well. Body and spirit are connected, so find ways to embody and strengthen your divine masculine everyday.

Becoming feminine is not only wanting to put on lipstick, it is the passivity we see in men today. The lack of divine masculine power, honor and purpose.


In one of my previous videos about porn, i go over the physical, neurological, emotional and spiritual effects from porn. Most people who have a porn addiction, like most addicts- don't acknowledge their addiction. They either don't believe they have a problem or are ignoring it or minimizing it.

When you masturbate and orgasm with porn, you literally fry out the nerves in your brain, you also fry out the nerves in your penis. They become desensitized. Add to that the spiritual warfare on masculinity we have today, and you have a world of men who are lacking any form of their true power and potency, in bed and outside of bed.

porn floods the brain and spinal chord with these neurochemicals and is frying out the 'reward center' in the brain, so in time you need more and more stimulation to get the same reward level in the brain. This desensitise the brain so you keep wanting the same experience again and again, but in more intensity and frequency- which will fry out your brain even more.

When men are so used to watching porn they are only having a visual experience. So, when they're having sex with a partner, they're not used to the other senses awakened and they can have sex with their partner as if the partner is not even there. Again, this also influences the heart-penis connection which is the man's power center.

If the heart is not in his power- so will the penis be lacking in life force.

So, porn destroys the sexual power on a physical, emotional and spiritual levels, which affects the man's energetic level, and mostly the connection to his power- the heart and the connection to source itself, since sex is a portal, a gateway to source. (learn more in my book- sex magic evolution).

Porn is highly damaging for the divine masculine's power- the heart.

Porn damages the heart connection between your own heart and penis and between your heart and the heart of a woman, because it programs you to see women in certain ways. Whatever porn you like to watch the most, is how you view women. Think about that and let that sink in.

Porn depletes your serotonin and life force. It creates 'leaks' in your body and energy field. Women, or your woman cannot be fully safe and trust you because she will subconsciously feel those 'leaks'.

The good news is that this is reversible. It takes time and commitment but you can reverse and rewire the affects on the brain and penis nerves in time.

Porn is like a cesspool of trauma. Sexual, generational deep soul trauma we carry as a collective or as individuals. This is also why it gets worse and worse over time. It perpetuates trauma in our psych, gets us stuck in that loop with no way out and when you watch it over and over again, you are reprograming and deepening that trauma in your mind and body, and also, with your orgasm and life force you send out those trauma waves out into the world, creating more of it!!!!

This is a way also for the dark forces to suck away and feed off our life force. because porn combines The 2 things they need to do so- trauma and sexual power.

This is huge to grasp!!!

I hope you can see how this deep trauma can affect your erection.

Sex is our main power as humans and there is an evil agenda to destroy our power and natural ways to build and keep life force. This attacks is mainly on men because men are more susceptible for programing and manipulation, and if we have a world that has no real, powerful, heart guided men, we are left with no protection, no real leaders who lead from the heart. We are left vulnerable. We need to strengthen divine masculinity once again. The time of the mother is the time of all her children- the feminine is all inclusive.

The goddess is rising, but we need the god by our side. this is why, sisters- please never settle or accept nothing less than the god in men, while of course, do all it takes to embody the goddess within you as well.

Lower pelvic strength

Look for some prostate or Kegel Exercises for Men - strengthening the muscles around the penis and anus. The muscles that help with bladder and bowl control and also- during sex and ejaculation.

Massage your perineum, anus and your g-spot daily to awaken the sexual energy in that area. This, spiritually also helps with clearing deep trauma and fears. (read more in my book- sex magic evolution).

Practice daily breathing exercises. You can find many great instructors online these days and work your pelvic muscles as you master deep breathing.

Cold plunges on a daily basis are great for me especially.

Waking up early (around 4am) and having a vigorous physical work is wonderful for males. This works best with the male natural daily cycle and is the healthiest way to live. (for women it is a completely different cycle)

Just like women strengthen their pussy muscles, men can and should do the same. This strengthens your control over your erection as well as ejaculation and enhances your orgasms and overall pleasure, not to mention you can last longer and be a better lover for your partner and experience new levels of pleasure.


Lowering stress levels will significantly help with your sexual energy, since it is life force and stress sucks away your life force as well as causes blockages in the body and energy body and we need clear the flow of blood in the body to get a full erection.

Daily meditation and physical exercise practice are great for men, as well as any type of martial arts because it is also strengthening sense of purpose, honor and divine masculinity.

Do you feel stress within your relationship? work? money? perhaps old traumas reappearing?

practice deep, present breathing - alone and with your partner.


Talk about it openly. You need to feel safe and open with your partner, or a therapist.

Have self compassion and self love. Take the pleasure off of yourself. You don't need to get somewhere, to prove anything, to be hard all the time and to put on a show. You can absolutely get to a place of hard erection but it should happen organically in a fun way, with self care, love and awakening self power - not to impress anyone else or to prove anything.


There is a huge built up in most men when they are sexually stimulated and having sex.

They usually even hold their breath without noticing, making the blockage in the sexual region even stronger. Relaxation, slowing down and deeper breathing will help a man a lot in the time he is trying to master the control over his body and penis again. When men have such strong, overwhelming, uncontrolled built up of energy in one place, the body will want to release it and this is also where premature ejaculation happens.

The mastery of a man in sacred sexuality is to move and expand the sexual energy to all the body, not just the penis. Erectile dysfunction may be your divine call to begin your mastery of this practice so you can be the best lover you can be.


practice semen retention, slowing down and focus on your partner's pleasure first!!

The more conscious a woman is, the more she is connected to her sexual energy, it will be less attractive to her if you come before she does.

So, a god-lover breaths deep, he can fuck hard, but he knows when to slow down and even pause and he keeps the energy in his body in a steady flow. He doesn't let the energy be released from his penis in a form of ejaculation, instead, he uses this energy to go on and on and give him more energy and more power with an enhanced stimulation. When the woman does this too, this becomes an epic sex.

Also, the slower you go, the more power you have, the deeper the breath, the more connection to your partner you will have, and you also will be more attentive to their body.



penetrate- verb

  1. To enter, pass into, or force a way into.

  2. To enter into and permeate.

  3. To affect deeply, as by being known or by arousing the emotions.

How you penetrate a woman, is how you penetrate the world.

This is something I always say.

When you penetrate a woman you enter her, body and spirit. you force her into surrender, into her divine feminine and you shift her energy. You fill her up with power, information and affect her by physical and energetic stimulation. So, if you show up with a weak penis this of course breaks and affects her as well.

She may not feel it in one time, but over time she will. she may begin to resent you, and even not to trust you.

To be too much in craving and yearning with no way to contain it by you is painful for a woman

Penetration is the job of the cock. The physical and energetic power and gift to the feminine. Especially in sacred union. The woman craves and yearns to be penetrated, to be filled with life force which the masculine offers, so if a man cannot provide this strong gift, the woman will feel eventually very disappointed and depleted even, especially if the man cannot and will not satisfy her in other ways. Especially, if, on top of his lack of penis power, he is a selfish lover.

Every woman wants and needs to be penetrated fully. The real deep, powerful orgasms come from deep penetration. This doesn't mean you have to have a huge penis, just a powerful one.

Many women today never had a cervical or even a g-spot orgasm and they only had a clitoris orgasm at best.

They are all great, but bring different levels of power, openness and healing to a woman.

To truly connect with a woman, to truly claim her, open her heart to you, to create a sacred union between you two, you want all of them, but especially the deeper penetrative ones.

Do you connect with your woman? do you approach sex with your heart? with love? with presence? Most men who have this issue are not present, not open in their heart and usually will even have some sort of either anger or fear from the feminine. For some men it is the fear of their own masculine power. Maybe because they have seen too much of the trauma caused by the dark masculine which affects their own manifestation of their own masculine force.

So, healing your ED can be a loving act towards your partner, so you can give them the gift of full, powerful penetration of your heart - with your penis- and could be a good motivator for some men to take action towards healing.


if you have a partner, ask them to perform a long, powerful penis massage for you. i wouldn't ask any woman, only a woman you know loves you deeply because the emotional part of this massage is key.

you want to feel safe since this is a very vulnerable place to be in and ask your woman to fill you with her womb power and love.

This is true intimacy and connection.

Women, remember to bring out the god in the man. So when giving this massage, do it while seeing the man in his highest version, even speaking it to him in words, 'programming' him to embody his inner god .

Just as a woman needs to feel safe with a man, a man in this vulnerable state, needs to feel safe with the woman.


Semen retention can not only help your sex life and enhance pleasure for you and your partner, but it can heal your body from all sorts of aliments.

I will go over some practices at the end of this article.


* Gentle massage (not a happy ending one), just a loving, patient touch with no reason or goal. A touch that loves the penis and gives it kind attention.

* Acupuncture (and healthy diet to go with it).

* Energy healing can be helpful but you have to find the right healer of course.


When most men today have sex it is sadly, mostly for all the wrong reasons. For ego. For short term satisfaction, release of energy - literally to dump all their shit into a partner, they do it to feel good about themselves, to prove to themselves or to society they are 'a real man'. That he had yet another conquest. More women, bigger ego. There is no real love, real connection and with the lack of love, of heart connection which is the real power of the divine masculine- there is no real power and freedom.

These men are missing the true Ecstasy that comes with sex, and the true love that comes from a woman who submits to them from a sacred space.

Sex is a divine experience. it is meditative, healing, expending, not an instant gratification of ego or body.

Sex is a union with the divine, and when you get to a state of such connection, you see that- your partner, as yourself, IS the divine.

Sex takes away time and ego. It offers the gift of infinity. Of love. O coming home.

When sex turned to such a disconnected, superficial and even destructive act, many sexual dysfunctions began to rise in people as well, especially men.

This is also because, remember that from a sacred point of view, the power center of a woman is her sexuality, womb and so it is harder to destroy her sexual power- that's why the dark masculine has created such a reality where women are striped of all power, raped and used in endless horrific ways.

Unfortunately, we have seen in the evolution (or de-volution) of our society that it is quite easy to destroy men’s sexual power, but their heart is something that cannot be destroyed so easily, so focus on your heart, dear brothers. It is the true gift women crave for.

In our society, sex is the main, or sometimes even the only way that men can experience intimacy and connection. So, they are constantly seeking it in any way. It is important to acknowledge that and create more ways for yourself that can fill the emotional needs you have. Such as building a brotherhood of likeminded men. Men who are working to be in their divine masculine also. Men you trust. Men you look up to. Men who hold you accountable to embody your inner God.

Also, create a more meaningful, monogamous relationship, weather it is with a man or a woman, where you can feel safe, open, and your heart more powerful. The right relationship changes a man, and it is those kinds of bonds the world also needs.

I promise you that when you find the right vessel (woman, or feminine partner) and pour your life force into her- you will get 10 times fold from your woman. This is the flow of the sacred union as it should be.

Emotional Causes of ED

ED affects a man's confidence in the world, with his purpose, job, family and with women.

Sex needs the mind and body working together. Emotional or relationship problems can cause or worsen ED. Learning how to understand women, the feminine energy is vital in building a healthy relationship, and so it is your responsibility to master not only your masculine energy, but the feminine as well. Learn even about your woman’s cycle and how it is best for her to maneuver between her monthly phases, learn how to speak to women so they listen. Many of us, women have devoted so much of our life to fully understand men and committed to mastering communication with you, and it feels amazing when a man shows the same willingness to do so.

This will also help you have so much less stress and emotional pain in relationships that will help with issues like ED.

Some emotional issues that can cause ED are:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Relationship conflicts

  • Stress at home or work

  • Stress from social, cultural, or religious conflicts

  • Worry about sex performance.

  • Resentment. When a man feels resentment towards his partner, this can lead to a blockage which can cause ED. So, examining the relationship, the suppressed emotions and expressing them in a healthy way can bring a significant, if not a full shift in any sexual dysfunction in men. I’ve seen it happen with many men I have worked with.

  • Guilt, shame, and pressure during sex doesn't allow one to get to the state of trust, in themselves or their partner, and they cannot surrender. Even if they orgasm they are stuck in the head or body trauma and cannot reach the state of connection to source through surrendering and being present.

ED is a symptom of sexual blockage. It is up to you to explore thyself to understand and know why your body is having this physical manifestation of a blockage.

Explore when, how frequent, with who and why your penis cannot function at his highest.

Ask yourself the ugly questions and be brutally honest with yourself.

How does your penis feel and work when your alone? With a partner? What does it need to be filled with your life force?

Talk to your penis, your heart and do some heart-penis connection.

This is work I do with men as a sex priestess, but obviously I can’t work with all men. This is why I am initiating more women into the temple so more priestesses can help heal more men and women all over the world.

But when you do the practices we will mention later, notice if you are able to surrender, trust, and mostly be present with yourself fully.

If the cause is emotional, it can mainly be caused by trauma.

I feel it is vital to explore the subconscious beliefs and stories we may have taken from our parents and society.

When I work with men it is a vital step to explore their mother or father relationships and also the first time, they had sex. This is something most people need help with, so I recommend to seek the help of a therapist you trust. I only work with men on this in my program and I only take about 3 men a year, so please find a healer you trust and that is a Master of Working with the subconscious mind and trauma, possible someone who can help you also embody your divine masculine, not some coach who will feed your ego with what you want to hear.

Trauma can vary from violent sexual abuse to shame or guilt around sex or your penis with words, or emotional manipulation, or even one small memory of watching your father look at another woman the wrong way. We all have our own unique traumas, and it is vital to accept them and embrace them fully. To acknowledge and be present with all emotions they rise.

It can be actual sexual trauma, whether conscious or suppressed.

It can be societal brainwashing or pressure, and even porn can be highly traumatic to the subconscious mind that cannot distinguish between ‘reality’ and ‘fake reality’.

In any case, trauma causes blockages around the sexual area, in the root chakra. This is connected to the lack of blood flow as well of course and it is a physical manifestation of a blockage.

Ask yourself- "what will happen if I have a fully functional penis? A strong, long-lasting erection?" you can edit this question to suit your personal situation, but you can be surprised with the answers that come up if you are brutally honest and observant.

“A true man doesn’t love a million women. He loves one woman a million ways.” – Anonymous.


In our society masculinity has been reduced and distorted to the idea of the macho who sleeps with as many women as possible. This cannot be farther from the divine, powerful masculine. A man in his divine masculine forms strong, healthy, mature bonds with friends and family, but especially with the woman he chooses. Monogamy IS the way of the divine masculine. It is a 'one point of attraction', purposeful energy, and this invites the right woman, as well as makes her feeling safe so she can continuously surrender to you even deeper, and your bond can forever deepen and expand. When a man feels safe with a woman, when he feels truly seen, has done enough shadow work to master his own shadows as they come- he feels so much more relaxed, appreciated, and grounded, which directly affects his sexual flow and power. Because a man needs to feel appreciated and respected by the world, and his woman.

Being with the wrong woman, or multiple women, can deeply affect your erection because your cock is connected to your heart! It can also affect your mental and physical well being because you are not sharing your life force in wise ways.

Many men who are in damaging relationships feel the effect on their sexual energy or in their life force energy. They can live in depression, lost, and detached from their true purpose, etc...

And remember, a conscious woman wants you to be the leader in the relationship, so once you know in your heart that you have found your woman, make sure you make your bond a purpose, lead and take positive ownership of her and your bond, this will turn you into a god!

Your penis doesn't lie, men.

The right woman for you will make you feel like a god when having sex, and for women it is the same. The right man will make us open and embody our full goddess. Even if you have doubts in the mind, your penis and pussy rarely lie.

Your goddess deserves all of you, doesn’t she? She deserves to be fully penetrated by a God.


In the most simple explanation, the life force energy seeks to move from the root chakra, the sexual organ all the way to the crown, and then it reverberates back into the heart. If you have a blockage in the root chakra you can see how this is destructive not only physical but with your life force and spiritual connection and potential. It will not allow you to have a full connection with source.

A man is a channel of light. He needs the flow to be clear, direct, and powerful so he cannot only penetrate his woman but the world and live his purpose in the best way possible.


First, stop watching porn!

It must be eliminated altogether.

This is true for any man, but especially a man that has erectile dysfunction because this means he has built an unhealthy dependency on the porn 'drug'. Porn makes you need a higher level of stimulation and intensity to reach the same goal- ejaculation, and let’s face it, it is done in a very distorted, unhealthy way. Plus, porn doesn't teach men what women really want and this makes them worse lovers on top of their penis weakness. Men become rushed, un-attentive, selfish in the way they have sex and are not attuned to their partner. They ‘check-out’ and a man who is not present is one of the most painful things to the feminine.

So, porn destroys the sacred union itself directly, but for those of you who want a more scientific proof of how porn is dangerous and destroys men please watch the ted talk- ‘the great porn experiment’.

Porn brings to over ejaculation as well as distorting the connection to the feminine and sexuality at large. It depletes the levels of dopamine and testosterone which destroy a man’s life force over time.

Over ejaculation doesn't only have to cause erectile dysfunction. When a man ejaculates often, especially when done in such a disconnected way, it weakens not only the life force in a man and his penis, but his heart as well and his ability to deal with life, money, relationships, and his purpose.

The brain is the most important sex organ and science has today proven that porn rewires the brain. Imagine what damage it can do to a young brain that is not fully developed yet and is so susceptible to anything from the external world. It is highly damaging to men, but especially to young boys who have such an easy access to it these days from a younger age, add to this the fact that boys these days have almost zero healthy male role models and you can see clearly we are heading to a future where divine men will be extinct.

Here is an important question to explore:

How do you define masculinity?

Exploring relationships with your family, friends, job, life itself.

Exploring your purpose. Do you even have one? Is it one that you honor yourself. Is your purpose one that your goddess will respect? (Whether it is a woman you love or an ideal of a woman you want to attract).

Do I have a healthy brotherhood?

Am I being healthy role models to younger boys?


This is just as easy as it sounds. Talk and LISTEN to your penis. Feel from your heart if there are any memories, ideas, feelings that rise from the penis wanting to communicate with you.

You can also watch my video- how do you view your penis? To examine your relationship with your penis.


Pleasure yourself and give love and attention to the cock, without ejaculation for a period of no less than 3 months.


Now you want to master filling yourself with life force and energy instead of depleting yourself with life force. These are berating practices that help you take the energy from your cock, first to your heart and then to the rest of your body. Later, with the ankh, you can master 'recycling' your life force in your body. But that is for more advanced men.

Build more testosterone and dopamine - not with drugs, but in natural ways like the practices we spoke of earlier and that we will learn now, healthy diet and building strength and stamina. You must work on all levels of your being as we discussed in this video. Taking short cuts wont help, especially if you want to embody your divine masculine power - which will inevitably give you better erections.


Take some time with no penetration. Enjoy some breathing tantric techniques, do some massages for each other, enjoy intimacy, and get to know the body and energy of your partner all lover again.

If you are single, make sure porn is off the table and enjoy penis stroking and massage with no rush for ejaculation. Master the breathing practices we will go over and make sure your diet is clean with plant based foods, no alcohol or heavy drugs and examine your ideas, belief and emotions towards women as well as masculinity.


This is a practice mantak chia calls- 'sharpening the knife'.

using natural oil, massage your own penis daily. Stroke the inside of the penis head 44 times each side and each direction. Count, and do this daily. You are strengthening your capacity to hold your semen and lowering your sensitivity. Breath deep while doing this and 'pull' any turn on into your heart.

Later, you can 'pull' or move this energy to your entire body but do not skip this mastery!

Fill your heart first and awaken your divine masculine heart with your life force.


This is how a man can achieve having an orgasm without ejaculation. This takes time!!!

It takes lots of practice and commitment alongside physical cleansing. This is only for real men who are ready to put in the work and embody their inner god!

Men need to master this more!! you can have sex, you can masturbate, but do not have ejaculation!

Contract the prostate gland. When you pee, practice stopping and releasing the urine. Once you know which muscle it is that needs to be worked on, do this as many times as you can during the day. 100 times x3 times a day is best.

The male g-spot is in the prostate gland. When you do this, again, bring up the energy you feel in the penis up into your heart. Only once you have mastered this, you can bring it up to your crown chakra and the entire body.

IMPORTANT! breath deep when doing this. Even make sounds if you need to, to let out energy that is moving in your body.

While you are doing this, or after the daily stroking quate, you massage your testicles. this is important of course. you want to rub your hands together and feel the energy between your hands. You are stimulating energy with energy. Place your hands on your heart and then massage the testicles. Or you can place one hand on your heart and one on your testicles. You are creating a connection between heart and penis/ testicles, to program your sexual energy with the heart- which is YOUR LIFE FORCE AND POWER.


When a man has an orgasm he is usually done. We, women lose his energy and the connection is lost, and especially of the woman didn’t have enough time to have her fill, she will be highly disappointed, even if she doesn’t always say she time she will also lose attraction to this man and respect.

When you have sex or masturbate, stop before the orgasm. Breath and start again. This is called edging, and women and men can do this and should do this. This is so enjoyable and can connect partners on the deepest level. This will bring your orgasm when you do orgasm- to a whole new level of pleasure.

When you stop before the peak, contract, and bring your energy upward. Do this as many times as you wish. The more the better.

PRACTICE 4 - circular breathing.

You will breathe in for a count of 4 and breathe out for a count of 4 with NO pause between in and out breaths. It is a consistent, deep, continuous breathing that does wonders to men during sex. No holding or restrictions, just flow and movement. This also helps the man ground and stay present. Not to mention, the energy will move away from the penis to the rest of the body and later will help you enjoy full body orgasms. This takes time and mastery, but it is so worth it!

PRACTICE 5 - can you just be?

Can you be fully present with yourself, with source? With the mother? Can you be in your heart as you place your hand on your penis and send it love from your heart. Nothing you need to do, be or achieve. Can you find your own connection to God?

Mastering full presence is the greatest mastery of the divine masculine and the greatest gift to a woman.


Take your time and take the pressure off you. Make love or masturbate for 5 times longer than you would usually and make a point to NOT orgasm. Orgasm is NOT the main dish. The connection to your own body or your partners is. Explore each wrinkle, shape, and line on their skin. Go down on her, finger her. And if you are alone, get to know your penis in a new way. Slow down. Breath. Observe all that’s coming up during your connection with your penis...

Sex is a way to reach God. To reach source. To truly know thyself through the eyes of the creator, through the eyes of your lover. It is beyond ego, stress, mind. beyond illusion. The sacred union offers the opportunity for us all to live fully in our truth, power, and freedom.

The woman becomes the goddess, the man becomes the god. Both in intertwined rapture of devotion. Both rebirth themselves a new in their embrace. Their moans are a call of the soul, to once more, return home. To be seen and held in your true lovers arm's is true freedom.


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