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This is the most crucial time for mankind, and a few brave, powerful women are the ones who will bridge the new and old. Mostly they will be sex priestesses, whether or not they are aware of this title.
Many women naturally remember who they are and are beginning to embody the memories and gifts of the temple and their inner priestess codes.
We must be a ready vessel and channel to bring and hold these new frequencies that will birth the new world of The Mother.
WE- are the ones we have been waiting for, sister.
This is the most important message the temple wants to seed in us at this moment in time. 


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The SEX PRIESTESS INITIATION is an intense, personal program designed and guided by Luna Ora and the sisters of the temple, to prepare the women who are ready to spread the true teachings of sacred sexual and soul union and the power of the divine feminine and masculine in the world, guided by each sister's unique powers, gifts and codes.

This is the Revolutionary path of past and future ancestors. Secrets and ways of the goddesses of old and new. The wisdom of the Temple in a unique path of true initiation that requires honor, commitment and integrity.


Full Private Initiation 
Luna Ora

the sex priestess initiation luna ora
the 3 pillars of a sex priestess. Lilac

The SEX PRIESTESS INITIATION is an intense, personal program designed and guided by Luna Ora and the sisters of the temple, to prepare the women who are ready to spread the true teachings of sacred sexuality and soul union, and the power of the divine feminine and masculine in the world. It is guided by each sister's unique powers, gifts, and codes. Your full commitment and respect for the teachings and all requirements are vital.

The Sex Priestess Initiation Path has 4 levels, followed by a private retreat which will be our space for deeper, occult unique rituals, ceremonies, and priestess work we will learn together with our sisters. One retreat is the main part of this initiation and can only be taken when the full year is completed, and each priestess is ready for the master level of ceremonies. The online journey will prepare you for the real work we will do together, in sisterhood, in a deep ritual space that is highly magical, safe, and one-of-a-kind.

The retreat is mandatory only for priestesses who will be a part of the temple, but any woman who wishes to learn the teachings of the temple is welcomed if she is ready and has followed the requirements during her initiation with Luna Ora.

Luna Ora still reserves the right to protect the knowledge and to refuse entry to the retreat to anyone who does not honor the ways of the temple.

NOTE: The online initiation includes the Golden Womb course, The Potion Making class, the Spirit Animal Reunion guided meditation, and the Candle Sex Magic class.

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This world needs the True Temple Priestesses to rise more than ever. 


One time offer- JUNE ONLY


private or online path

Private Initiation with Luna Ora (12-18 months) - $12,999

Online path- $3,999 

Now for $999

If at any point in time we will feel you are misusing this powerful knowledge and wisdom, we will lovingly close our gates to you from the Sex Magic School, and there will be no refund. The sex Magic school is like no other school on this planet at this moment. It demands full commitment and integrity. It brings high divine frequency and knowledge that must be taken seriously and with the full honor, reverence, and intention of love, integrity, and of creating a better world based on unity, truth, real lovemaking, and divine sexual union. 

If you wish to take the private path with Luna Ora, please apply for an interview. The online path does not require an interview, and you can begin at any time, at your own pace.


Interview fee is 50$ which will be deducted from your initiation fee after registration. 

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Apply for the Sex Priestess Program &Order an interview -
$50 fee (deductible after registration)

Thanks for ordering your interview!

I will contact you soon.

Luna Ora



She is healing and pleasure. She is the embodiment of love.

She does everything with pure integrity and Truth.

Her connection with her womb, heart, and voice is impeccable and impenetrable. From this space of pure alignment, she does everything. And because she is so aligned with her love for everything, her intentions, and the energy that runs through her,

remains of the purest form.

Her boundaries are as strong as her love, yet she remains in constant gentleness, flow, and openness to receive.

She is a woman no one can mess with, and no one will.

When she enters a room, everyone feels it, and everything shifts around her.

Her sexual power is not detached from her personal life.

She walks in her sex. She talks in her sex.  She creates in her sex.

She breathes sex.

She KNOWS what sex really is.


A sex priestess honors her body, her sexuality, and sensuality, she walks with confidence and knows she was meant for pleasure.

She knows how to give and receive pleasure, but she has very strong boundaries and demands the highest integrity from all who wish to unite with her energy -whether it's sexual or any other intimate way in her life. She knows her energy and power are so vast and important for this reality that she protects this Love that she IS above all.


A priestess of sex has a natural, ingrained, unexplained respect for sex.

As someone with a strong sexual life force, she is a natural healer. Sexual energy at its core, is life force energy, which is giving, healing. Not all healers have the energy of a sex priestess, but all true healers have a very strong sexual energy as well they need to cultivate and master to the maximum.  


Working with Luna and the Sex Magic School of Isis and Lilith has been like coming home. I had felt alone and isolated having had my own downloads and memories from the Temples through this current life, but re-connecting with Luna, it was like finding a long-lost sister. She helped me reclaim my own codes and medicine and open the way to having them express themselves in the world in the service I was yearning for. The world is in a transformation phase and it is high time that we reclaim our biggest power and the short-cut to Goddessness and Godness; our sacred sexual power, and Luna is right there in the center of this transformation ready to help you claim what is rightfully yours and use it for the good of all.

Andreanne, Canada

I only took level 1, but am planning on continuing the full initiation. This is nothing like i have ever done. Luna was so committed to my growth. She went above and beyond supporting me fully with all I needed during my journey and beyond it. 

I feel like a whole new woman. I am aware of my power and have discovered my deep soul's mission. I feel like my sexual energy is about to ravish the world!

Caroline, USA

Luna did more for me than my therapist did in almost ten years. 

I will be forever grateful. She promised me a transformation and delivered more than I could imagine. When I took this initiation, I told no one in my close circle. I knew they would not understand what a sex priestess really means, but they saw the shift in me, which helped me change my life drastically. from leaving my parents' house, finding a new career, and being more free and confident with my body. 

Lauren, USA

I am obsessed with Luna and her work. She quickly became a sister  to me. 

I have completed level 1 and 2 and on my way now to becoming a priestess myself. 

I love that I can take this initiation at my own time, because many things appeared in my life during this process that were greatly influenced by my work with the temple. 

I am honored to be a priestess of the temple.  

Aura, Italy / France

Working with the temple, I now am greatful for my sexual trauma. 

I am in my full power. I finally love my sexually. I am in full focus mentally and have a clear vision of who I am and whom I am aiming to be every single day. 

Though I don't desire to work as a sex priestess, the wisdom I received from Luna Ora has brought me endless power, clarity and freedom. 

I embody the sex priestess in all I am and I love it! 

B. A. starlight, USA

Although it is not my personal mission to be a sex priestess, working with Luna has changed me to my core. my life changed drastically, starting with my 8-year relationship, job, and physical health. it is incredible to me how she does it. how in such simple ways she makes such a huge difference. 

Freya,  USA

I have taken many classes in the past. Tantra, self-love and even how to create more money while staying in my feminine power. 

I took levels 1 & 2 with Luna Ora. THIS IS IT! you don't need to spend anymore money or search any longer.

Tareese, South Africa

I never thought I could feel so free, confident, and connected to my magic and natural powers. This initiation was the best gift I could have given myself, and I hope every woman has the privilege of experiencing this path with Luna Ora.

​                                                    Kelly, South Carolina

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