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Within these pages, you'll delve into the birth of Solomon's dark magic and the emergence of Re-legion, uncovering the startling truths about Gold and the Sacred Union that lie concealed.

"The Last Priestess" is not a mere story; it is a profound prophecy, Imprinted with the boundless wisdom of an ancient Temple, its threads intricately woven into the tapestry of our contemporary world.

This is a unique voyage of one girl's quest to bridge the chasm between dimensions, transporting truth from one realm to another.

It's a tale rooted in the very events that have indelibly shaped our contemporary reality and society. This narrative will redefine your understanding of Solomon, a figure far removed from the conventional notion of kingship, unveiling hidden facet of his existence.

Prepare for this narrative to ignite codes lying dormant within our collective wombs, waiting for the spark of awakening. It is a saga tailored for truth-seekers, those who peer beyond the veils of deception, lies, and the entrenched programming that has ensnared humanity for eons.

This story is not for everyone; it beckons to those who possess the ability to decipher the unspoken messages, those who heed the call of their soul. It offers not just a tale but a guiding light, a path leading home—back to the Temple that resides within each of us, waiting to be rediscovered.

Prepare to embark on a riveting odyssey—a journey through the realm of the Temple as witnessed by a young girl, the final initiate of the Temple of ISIS & LILITH. As she recounts the harrowing downfall of the Temple, particularly the last day steeped in bloodshed from which she miraculously emerged, she rediscovers her own latent power—a power inherent in every woman.

In this 'tale' long-forgotten feminine wounds are brought to the forefront, leaving us to confront the stark realities of abandonment, exploitation, and abuse that resonate deeply in our contemporary world. These experiences are not exclusive to a single gender; they transcend boundaries, inviting both men and women to join hands in revisiting a bygone era where the world held the promise of being different. It's a profound exploration of what it truly means to connect with the Sacred Feminine.

Everything in that book connected to my dreams
"This is the first book I have read were everything in the book connected to my dreams and visions. Every detail, even the emotions of the joy of being in the temple, I felt connected too. I truly enjoyed the book. I felt like the book activated more of my memories when I was living in that time period. I wasn't there when the temple was destroyed. I was born hundreds of years before. Its a very emotional book. It reminds you the power of women and what we can do and why the whole witch hunt started against female healers. Every women should read this book. It will remind you of your true power as a woman and what we are capable of going. I miss it, I miss the freedom, the love of your sister's, the joy you felt , the beautiful baths, the rituals we had, our healing rooms...I miss it all. Funny, before this book came out, I was having vivid visions of my life in a temple, with my sisters. It went on for months and then I found this book and everything connected.
Thank You for this book."

Alexa Young, CA

Morgan James, NY

The Last Priestess
"I remember the first time grabbing this book. I felt a warmth and pulse through my hands and spreading through out my whole body as if it had a life of its own. Since then, I struggled to put this book down.
As you read these pages prepare to embark on a journey through the eyes of a little girl in the Temple of Isis & Lilith and feel a Rollercoaster of emotions that cannot be described in words. This book shook me to my very core and opened my eyes. It made me realize how long and deep humanity have fallen from Source.
Thank you Luna Ora for being a pioneer for channeling Mothers sacred wisdom and other light beings out there who is assisting humanity at this crucial time in their own unique way in alignment with light and truth.
Please do not loose hope, I know...easier said than done! Even though we live in a fallen world at this moment, know that truly, the MOTHER(Source) IS RISING."

Lisa Driver, MI

Highly recommended for those in the path of awakening
"This story deeply resonated in the core of my being, it felt like a piece of the puzzle in my understanding of how we ended up in this toxic masculine-driven world!

I am so grateful I came across Luna's work.... thank you for your courage in bringing this truth to the world. Not only supporting the awakening and empowerment of other women and men but also being an example of living with integrity, intention, love, and the feminine way .. it is so inspiring!!!

I highly recommend this book to people on the path of awakening, this "story" will make you remember why women are experiencing such a profound trauma that we carry in our collective unconsciousness, some of us are so scared to be seen, to show our gifts and talents to connect to our power......... lets awake and reclaim our gift sisters this is the time!

Please read it with an open heart and see how it resonates with you!"


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