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Promised in fire. Luna ora novel

A Novel

In France, 1940, a young boy killed Hitler with a single shot. This is how this story begins.


A Jewish, feminist women's fiction with a hint of magical realism, this story, which was partly inspired by the Russian play, The Dybbuk will sure to awaken the fire in your womb and the hidden passions you have been yearning for.

If you loved 'Unorthodox' you will no doubt fall in love with this story.


Alma, a young married Hasidic Jewish girl who lives in a French town called Roshel, does not seem to be aware of just how much freedom she needs. In a world where women feel as though they must find a man to complete themselves,  haunted by the ghosts of a past that is not even hers, she takes a terrifying, and harrowing path to self-discovery and finds her way to the wild woman that existed dormant in her, with the help of a mysterious, lustful man who calls himself “The Devil,”  She finds her way to Barcelona, where she meets a group of curious gypsy people who will help her find her way out of the invisible cage in which she lives, and surrender to the fire and passion that fills her womb.

Alma falls in love and lust, but she realizes that she cannot belong to any man after she discovers the real truth of the past. That she already belongs to a ghost that will haunt to claim her forever.

She was promised. And that promise cannot be broken.

A story of a bond stronger than time, war and death, of a boy who destroys a world of dark men and the path a young woman must take to break the walls of a limiting, religious world.

Where fire once burned her people, a new fire in her womb now leads her to create a new life.  


A must read!
"I love this story so much i look forward to reading it before bed. I dont want to give to much away but its a beautiful story that i loved so much i gifted this book to my best friend because i know she will enjoy it too."

Alexa Young, CA

Morgan James, NY

 Into the darkness to shine the light is revealed in the most fantastical story I've read!
"Luna Or weaves an incredible tale with Promised in Fire.
This book calls for courage from the reader. Set in an alternative reality where a young boy has heroically killed Hitler and ended the war, we meet our heroine, alma.
A woman raised in a very traditional religious sect of Judaism, grows up around Roma Gypsies. Magical temptation surrounds this people’s aura and alma is confronted by her attraction to a forbidden lifestyle.
As alma begins to feel the burn of her own sexuality within - she invites temptation to lead her away from her small community so that she can establish herself as a Free woman.
The dark intense journey takes her deeper into her own shadow - a story of awakening to the responsibility she has to her own life - as opposed to the life of being a small, helpless victim.
I was blown away by not only the imagery and beauty of this story, but the piercingly relevant message for the ones seeking to do “shadow” work.
This story becomes more than just an exciting tale - it is a Wake Up Call for anyone feeling stuck to see the chains in which they have placed upon themselves!
A must read!"

Lisa Driver, MI

can't put it down!
"This story takes you on a surprising journey... a fantastic journey. It is simple and easy to follow yet incredibly profound in it's messages and symbolism. Anyone who has any interest in magic, history, heartfelt stories, and wisdom... needs to read this book. A very empowering story for women and also men!
I love when I read a book and can tell the person who wrote it must be genuine because it shows in their words."
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