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The Golden Womb

"The divine feminine and divine masculine within each one of us must be united to activate the light codes of the power of the individual human being. This is the true energetic work of the Temple." -from 'Symbols of sex magic' book, Luna Ora. In this fun, deep, simple course to help you re-connect and re-awaken your light codes, inner soul information,, and womb alchemy. This is a simplified daily practice to help you embody your full divine feminine essence, and also, connect to your inner sex priestess. We will also learn the basics of Alchemy itself, in a simplified way, how to honor it, and begin to understand it on a deeper level. Bonuses: White flame ritual, Hape ritual. 2 powerful, shamanic rituals for our modern lives From Luna Ora, the author of the books: SEX MAGIC EVOLUTION & SYMBOLS OF SEX MAGIC, comes this online course that will enliven and inspire the sex priestess in you. this class contains video classes, with PDF's, which you can take at your own time and explore your practice.

golden womb--luna ora.png
golden womb. luna ora.png

This class is a part of the sex priestess initiation.

You will receive this class if you are enrolled in the online initiation or if you work with Luna Ora privately. 

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