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Calling the Men of the new earth.

Awaken the Viking program.

Unlock your primal power with "Awaken the Viking Man" online course! Embrace the warrior within and embark on a transformative journey to become the epitome of masculine confidence and sexual prowess. Led personally by Luna Ora, this course combines ancient wisdom with modern techniques to help you unleash your true potential in the bedroom and beyond.


Discover the secrets of the legendary Vikings, known for their strength, charisma, and fearless approach to life. Through engaging modules and practical exercises, learn how to exude irresistible magnetism, master the art of seduction, and forge deep connections with your partner. Whether you're looking to reignite passion in your current relationship or captivate new romantic interests, "The Sexual Viking Man" empowers you with the tools to navigate the complexities of modern dating and intimacy.


This course covers a range of topics, including communication skills, self-confidence building, understanding desire, and enhancing sexual performance.

Don't settle for a mediocre love life—embrace your inner Viking and conquer the realm of romance. Enroll in "Awaken the Viking" today and embark on a thrilling adventure toward becoming the confident, magnetic man you were born to be!

This path is offered as a private coaching with Luna ora for a limited time.

It is designed to be an online program and because it is a new program I am seeking 10 brave men to work with intimately and you will receive these 10 video sessions for a lower price.

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