When you chose to work with me, I, in turn, chose to work with you as well. I am committed to your soul. I am committed to empowering your spirit. Connecting you with your authentic self and guide you into true knowledge, truth, wisdom, and love. 

Whether you chose to have one session with me, a monthly session OR if you chose to take the brave leap into one of our programs- 10-12 week commitment into a life-transforming reality and a new dimension, I am here to serve you with love and honor. 




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The magic of Lilac...

The session with Lilac was the best thing i have done for myself in the last few years, and the gift i gave myself. The atmosphere she created was safe, clean, and inviting, and with her caressing, calming voice, with no judgment, so much respect for her patient, with patience and real love.  It felt like it was my sister or my mother guiding me into myself, not someone i had just met five minutes ago...

when the session was over Lilac kept talking to me and listening, answering my questions and thoughts. i felt loved and invited , not like other sessions I had received in the past.

Lilac managed to guide me to hidden places withing myself, from a cry of joy when I saw my brother in a past life, to seeing who my partner was, or myself on a thrown in some distant land. 

Lilac allowed me to express freely all I saw and finally helped me sum up the important information I must take to my current life.

                                                Yafit, Israel


  Dear Luna. 

I have been searching for deep healing and an honest connection to my own soul, body, and heart.

I have searched for something and I knew that something was stuck in me...  I asked for healing and I got it.

what I have experienced with you is a gift and one that must be experienced to understand how special it is. 

                                              Shachar, Israel