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Full Moon
luna ora. the sex magic school of isis and lilith

hey there!

Welcome to the Temple

Welcome to the Temple of Isis and Lilith. 
I honor you for the courage to dive into your true human power and for your willingness to bring forth sacred Union into this realm, in order to create a better world. 

There are two main programs in the temple. One for men and one for women. 
You may choose to take the path as a self-guided journey with the online program, or you may choose to work with me in an intimate guidance where we will dive even deeper to re-program your entire being into the best earthly version of you as a divine feminine/ masculine. 
My mission is to awaken more goddesses and gods on Earth. 

Note: I only work with three people at a time. 
also, If you want to work as a sex priestess in the temple in the future you must take the private coaching with me so I can initiate you into the sacred knowledge of the way of the sex priestess. 


Awaken the Goddess in You 
A path for any woman who is ready to live, breath and share her full embodiment of her inner goddess, in all her forms, dimensions, wisdom and power. 
This is the first semester of the Sex Priestess year-long initiation, and can be taken as a stand-alone program. 


goddess reborn program luna ora
luna ora sex priestess initiation


Embody the wisdom and power of the
temple sexual priestess. 
This yearly initiation has 3 semesters/ 3 levels. 
Option for partial/ full initiation as a sex priestess. 
This journey is the ultimate path for the woman who is ready to own, use and change this world with her sexual energy and her connection to the temple itself. 
This is a path like no other. 



Intensive coaching for the man

on the divine path.

A man ready to live and embody his full sexual, mental, emotional power. 

A man ready to live in the new world of sacred union, guided by his absolute heart and wisdom. A man who seeks pure freedom.

A man who is ready to be A God. 

the god man luna ora
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