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Full Moon
luna ora. the sex magic school of isis and lilith


Welcome to the Temple


Embody the wisdom and power of the
temple sexual priestess. 
This yearly initiation has 3 semesters/ 3 levels as well as a Retreat.
Option to be initiated with Luna Ora (interview required) or to take the online path.  
This journey is the ultimate path for the woman wh
o is ready to own, use and change this world with her sexual energy and her connection to the temple itself. 
This is a path like no other. 


luna ora sex priestess initiation


Intensive coaching for the man

on the divine path.

A man ready to live and embody his full sexual, mental, physical and emotional power. 

A man ready to live in the new world of sacred union, guided by his absolute heart and wisdom. A man who seeks pure freedom.

A man who is ready to be A God. 

Awaken the Viking Men program

Awaken the Viking Men program is a personal coaching program for men guided by Luna Ora. It is a highly intensive, demanding and challenging path of true initiation that will lead you to your greatest sexual potential as a man. it is a 10 week coaching program with one weekly call with Luna Ora.  

Awaken the Viking Men program...jpg
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