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A letter from the mother (and her servant)


A Letter from the Divine Mother

(and her servant)


"I am not here to conquer you. I am here to merge with you," I whisper to the grand mountain in Sedona that I stand on whilst looking towards the magnificent red peak.


She whispers back to me with vibrations that run through my feet upwards into my heart, opening it up.

"I am your servant, Great Mother. Do to me as you wish," I say, as I have said many times a day for the past few years. "Guide me. Live through me", is my prayer to her since the day I consciously decided to dedicate my life to her, to be of service to her in any way our Great Mother needs me to be.

Just like me, and this mountain she is now defrosting from a long, harsh winter. Patches of snow are scattered everywhere on the mountain like scars from war. She is healing, yet there is still a long way to go, even after the summer sun melts all the ice away. But today, the warmth gives us both new hope.

It is a heavy, confusing time for the Mother and all those few who, like me, are her servants. True servants who make every decision of our lives according to her needs. My body, my mind, and my heart are at her disposal. That relationship is something I cannot share even with the closest to me. So it is very lonely as well, but the honor of serving the Mother is all I need. Her love and guidance and the hope she will be free one day, together with all her children, is what keeps me going.

She shows me the future, the present, and the past, and takes me to the deepest truths of this realm and others, though I am not allowed to share most of it with humanity just yet. I have tried a few times, despite her warnings, but have only ever been attacked by loved ones who were not ready to receive this knowledge. So, for now I do the work for her behind closed doors, deep inside of me, until the time comes to do it differently.

To feel what she is feeling now is very difficult. It’s heavy. It’s painful. It’s dark. The Mother enters a dark time now and even many wonderful, 'spiritual' people around me can’t understand the darkness she is facing.

"It’s all light, it’s all love, we are all one..." I hear the same mantras from them, and these words are true. Yet, unfortunately, they are not the only level of existence.

The Mother is loving. She is patient and open, but now she is also very mad. She has lost her patience for many of her children and is in so much pain for them as well. As her servant I have been hearing the cries of her children all my life, the physical pain of my sisters all over, the helplessness of animals, and the fear of boys and girls who crave protection but experience only horror. Like her, I am no longer patient. Nice words mean nothing at this time if we do not act as well, and the first step to that is awareness. Awareness of the light, the shadow and all the ugly truths that rise to the surface.

I keep hiking up the trail and some women pass me by on the way to the top. I notice my mind immediately judges how beautiful or not so beautiful they are. She reminds me, it is the beauty and ugliness in me I am judging. It is the darkness and the light that she is struggling with, the same light and darkness I struggle with now as well. It is her love and her rage, her beauty, and her pain that overflow me now. 

There is so much beauty and ugliness in the outer world that I see. So much to awaken to, to dream of, and so many who still choose the nightmare. The ugliness that’s trying to take its last breaths before the Mother is rising for good, but we still have a long way to get there. It is the darkest hour for mankind, yet the darkest time comes before the brightest dawn.

You see it in your family and friends. You might have had to let many people close to you go. You see it in government, in cultures, food, art, sex, money... every aspect of this world - if you know how to look.

It is the balancing that is happening in each of us - the union of the Divine Mother and Father, the masculine and feminine. Yet, as we take our baby steps toward figuring this all out, there’s chaos- since it’s a new path we are co-creating. 

Some choose to shut their eyes to the darkness, and some can’t seem to see anything but it.

It is crucial to be aware of all levels of reality. Not just the highest one (and I’m talking to you ‘woke’ spiritual peeps) where there is only love and unicorns and rainbows, but also this physical realm of pain, fear, and hate. It is just as important as all other levels in between. I am not asking for you to live in fear but in conscious awareness. To know this ‘game’ in all its levels. To know how to work, and even play, with the energy in each of them - so that you have the power to ‘win the game’.

Awareness is our tool to navigate in all different realms and it is the method in which we come to know this physical world -which is the one we chose to be in, and the most important one now, since we are still here in our physical bodies. Awareness is knowing all that is happening at any moment and also knowing the plans that are made for us humans, because at a certain level, whether you like it or not, you are being controlled and manipulated into participating in those games. Our only way out of being manipulated and to take power back is awareness.

Awareness of our inner world, our demons, weaknesses, and desires. Our past, present, and future.

Get to know your ego. Do not fear it, while you feed your heart with self-love at every moment. 

It is the awareness of the food you are putting in your body, of the agenda that is being played out here, the poisoned water and food, the tortured animals, the selling, killing, and raping of children and women, the corruption and secrets of the people who are manipulating this world.


Whatever you do, do it with love. Even if you get mad, do it with love. Many intense changes are happening now to the Mother and us, her children.

Some of us are here to sit in meditation and focus on happy thoughts. Some are here to spread the truth and shine a light on the agenda (even shake some of us with a bit of fear, because, make no mistake, what’s happening is scary!). Some of us are here to fight with action, with energy. But, whatever we do, we must do it all with love. For her. Our Mother.

We all have an important role now and must be honest with ourselves to find it. To work together, be open and listen to each other. You know when ideas are brought with truth and love. Learn how to discern and trust yourself. You are more powerful than you think.

The world is changing at a rapid pace each day, in both the physical and spiritual realms. You might have even noticed how you yourself are changing so fast. Keep changing, keep moving, learning, growing, asking questions, and follow your own guidance.

The impossible is possible now. The veil is thinning. That goes for good or bad. Our biggest dreams and worst nightmares can come true now. There is true evil in the world, just as there is evil in each of us. It’s just that most of those who are reading this probably choose the light in them to be more active. Open your eyes, brothers, and sisters. There is so much happening now, and you chose to be a part of it all.

There is a collective path we are heading for, and unfortunately, at this point, it is too late to stop it. But we might have a chance. As I said I cannot share the grim future I have seen yet, but know you have power. You can still create a world where the Mother can be free, and she will be eventually, I just hope it will be sooner than later.

If you wish to serve her at this crucial time be aware. Ask questions. Work in all levels of reality, not just those that are comfortable for you to see. Do it all with love and truth and honesty. Do not be afraid to go deep within yourself. There is light under all the darkness, but we must allow and embrace and look straight in the eyes of our own deepest darkness and dig deeper. 

Connect with the Mother and ask her what she needs of you, let all ego and mind go when reaching out to her for she is the source, she is your life force, your true self.

The reason we are all here now is vital, and we all play a part in this ‘game’. And remember that on one level, it IS a game - so don't forget to take your inner child and play as well. To hug that child just as the Mother wishes to hug him/her.

Unite with your inner child's powers and set out on an adventure.

It’s nice to sit in meditation, say nice words and affirmations of love and unity, be comfortable in your small communities and inner, familiar circle, BUT where is the action? Are you aligned with your soul? Are you living in Truth, Integrity, and Connection to all life?

There is no time for bs anymore. You know that. 

Something big is happening now to your family all over the world and if you say "we are all one" then you had better show it. It starts with really knowing what’s going on. Not with what the mainstream media wants to brainwash you with again. Really go deep in the rabbit hole and get the truth. It’s scary, it’s dark, and it’s not easy to hear now, I know, but it is the only way to heal it. With love and courage. Being angry at what’s going on doesn’t make you less loving or spiritual. In fact, it can help you now. The Mother is angry too. Be a tool of her love and her anger. 

Anger is fire. Guided with love, it can ignite your actions and your heart. Actions that have seeds of love will change everything. Your fire can ignite others as well. And we need the flame of a new world now. 

Even if it didn’t hit your home yet, it’s happening on earth – which really, IS your home. There’s no time for silence anymore. Be prepared for the storm. She needs warriors now. She needs her children to unite and work together. She needs her sons to support her daughters because they are doing most of the work now. Women are a vessel of greater power, but we are even more powerful with the support of a divine masculine that protects and creates a safe space for us to do the work.

Where are you not being honest with yourself?

Where does the darkness you see outside exist in you?

Dig deep to find yourself. Again. And again. 

This is not the time to get admirers, likes, or followers. It’s time to get the truth. You are not here to be liked but to be in service to love.

I need you, my children.

I love you.



From a servant of the divine mother.


This is a letter I wrote on a Sedona mountain, in 2018



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