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caged hearts

caged hearts

fixed. alert.

raging silence in their stance.

they each believe the other is responsible for caging them. that the creature standing in front of them took their freedom away and now they must protect their mere existence.

they both have been here many times, same fears arise, and their bodies are preparing for the same fight they had fought many times. they let the anger and blame take over and lead their limbs and muscles to brace into defense.

He, first approaches in the only way he knows how when fear takes over him, with pride, ego, his mind racing and warning of the fatal danger in front of him. Her.

he must take control and show her who is the most powerful. but she is not like the others he had fought against before. in a split second she manages to shock the core of his being, to frighten him more than his worst nightmares. his heart splits from the impact of her explosion but what he is not aware yet is, that in this collision, his heart opened up as well. feelings awaken for the first time, vulnerability he had never faced withing himself is alive and shaking. he looses his thought in the emotions, his inner balance, so he returns to ego once more. not so stirdy this time, but at least he is in a territory he knows. for a minute more. this time he cannot run and this time he feels, his ego cannot win.

She. she is screaming more than ever for she realizes she had found a match. he is more powerful than the others. something about him feels different. he tries to act in the way she had seen many times with her adversaries, but he is shaken. his shield is thiner and she feels she can get in this time. she keeps crying out, testing his strength, until her voice quivers. it never screamed as loud. perhaps she has been silent for too long she thinks. perhaps she had found her voice again. perhaps, she never felt safe using it as much before, but with him, she does.

she tries to lure him with her sexuality. her main weapon in this cage she knows too well, only to push him again when he gets too close. she attacks with full force, violently, punishing him for all men had ever done. he is terrified. especially because he doesn't find the strength or desire to attack back this time. he feels.

he feels. and she will not allow him to escape these feelings.

he is terrified of her loudness, pushed to the corner. forced again and again to face his fear. she pushes too much, but perhaps that is what he needs. perhaps that is how his heart can burst to life once more.

he is terrified. they both are.

twirling and maneuvering inside the cold metal cell. flowing and shifting in their new found emotions, they still in a tight defense mode from the other.

it is only when he lets go, moves back , that she now sees he is no threat, so she can rest for a bit.

he approaches again. more open, since he saw ego will get him nowhere here. his heart is leading him now yet he is still alert. she exposes herself just enough to stay safe. her body relaxes into him....

exploding again! she attacks again. he got too close and she must protect herself. fear is keeping her vigilant. safe.

another battle, this time he is more masculine, fights back, but with love. he doesn't want to hurt her, just to show her he can handle all her power. all her might.

holding her strong and firmly, he supports her in her madness. not letting her go, and that is exactly what she needed.

unsure of his motives, allowing doubt to horn in, she escapes from his grip, slips through the metal bars, thinking she is free from the cage. for a moment, like an insolent child, she taunts him with her luck.

he is helpless, angry, feeling betrayed. he finally opened up and now the pain is too strong. his heart will be wounded. the heart he fought so much to protect. he looks at her and feels tormented. the pressure is stronger now to escape, but not to be outside like he always wanted, but because he faces the fact he will lose her if he doesn't join her. he always craved his loneliness and peace, but now his solitude seems unbearable. he is not ready to let her go, even though she revives his biggest pain back to life.

looking at him, really for the first time, trust fills her slowly. drawn to him again, she feels she wont be happy being free alone. she returns to him and he forgets all his pain instantly. he holds her when she asks with so much gentleness. softness and strength she had never felt before. finally, she thinks. finally.

she can not only rest from the war but be herself completely. looking deep into him she sees many faces in his. those who caged her, hurt her, betrayed her. she faces all of them with courage now for he is holding her . she is not alone facing the old demons this time.

he is divine. she finally see the real him after battling her own darkness. but she could do it only with his help. even when she sees him as a monster, one who had haunted her dreams forever, he still holds her, and allows. waiting patiently for her to return to him. and he does not let her go.

his face changes in front of her eyes, but it is her own mind and reflection she sees. with him carrying her and loving her through her darkness, she can finally see the light.

when she finds his true face, she lets go of all the other ones, takes his hand and leads him outside with her.

she is trying to escape the cage, not seeing that she is simply in a bigger one. and there would be endless cages if she keeps running. she tries to pull him to her but he cannot find the way out. the separation brings death and he is weiry of fighting. he lets go. he just wanted to be with her in peace and she wanted to fly free.

if she is patient a bit longer, stay with him silently inside the bars. if she unites with him fully, letting their hearts merge. they will both see the truth. There IS no cage.


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