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Coital Alignment Technique for sacred union

Coital Alignment Technique for sacred union

The Coital Alignment Technique has become a rather interesting conversation topic since it has been mentioned in the show 'sex/life'. It is a powerfully 'elevated' and 'enhanced' missionary position.

I did a video years back about how the missionary position is the worst for the divine sexual flow, especially the way it is done by most people today, and although with the right connection, movement and energetic flow the partners may have, it can be very pleasurable, there is usually a problem, which many women can attest to.

The problem is that most men, when they get on top, begin to thrust.

In the missionary position the man thrusts, but in this position (C.A.T technique), while the man is still on top, he grinds (as opposed to thrusts) and moves in a very different way inside the woman.

When done right, the woman feels a deeper, stronger penetration to her cervix, while being stimulated on her clitoris, which can bring not only a stronger orgasm for most women, but also a sense of deeper emotional and energetic connection to the man- when the man does this right!

This position offers a few gifts.

First, the man has a lesser intensity friction so it helps him last a lot longer, because he is also focused on being highly sensitive to her body, the shape of her pussy, the location of the clitoris, finding it, feeling it, and the depth of her cervix. This technique this invites the man to penetrate deep and stay at that deep position with no large and fast in and out movements.

It also, of course offers the woman deep pleasure, it fulfils the deep yearning she has to be fully penetrated. Filled, with power and depth, and when a woman experiences a man who knows her body and is not just focused on his own pleasure, a man who takes his time to know her body and gives attention to not only his pleasure but her own as he connects with all parts of her cervix- both partners win- because she can trust, open and have more pleasure, which will also give a man more pleasure, not to mention, confidence.


When a man just moves in an in and out motion, thrusting, usually only for his own pleasure, the clitoris is usually being left out. The clitoris is much larger than that small spot in the pussy.

You must remember, dear men, that the clitoris IS solely meant to give pleasure to a woman.

It is her most sensitive, erogenous zone which is a complex network of erectile tissue and nerves.

It is the most sensitive part of the vulva. The glans alone contains about 8,000 nerve endings.

the glans is the external part of the clitoris - the part most people know about and can see on the outside of the vulva, which has a hood on top, but inside the body the clitoris has a larger part. It is shaped like an upside-down wishbone, forming a V shape.

-The body of your clitoris is located behind your glans. Think of it as the top of the wishbone.

- The crura are two legs that extend from the clitoral body. They’re the longest part of your clitoris. Together, they form the “V” of the wishbone and surround your vaginal canal and urethra (the tube that carries pee out of your body).

-we also have the vestibular bulbs which are located between your crura and your vaginal wall. they swell with blood and can even double in size when a woman is aroused.

- and - where the legs of the crura meet, is the root of the clitoris.


The man is on top, he penetrates and then, scoots upwards to the deepest penetrative point he can have, or as much as she can take (if you have an extremely large 'lip-stick'. )

The man is in a similar pose to the chaturanga pose in yoga, as his hips glued to hers and his chest upwards.

This is also a symbolic pose for the divine masculine which reminds him to open his heart center and keep it strong, while remaining open to the feminine's love and yearning for him.

Instead of thrusting in and out, this position will help the man grind as he keeps his body in constant connection to her clitoris, as well as 'filing' her up, not just with your penis, but your energy and attention. Keep eye contact, feel into her body and emotions more and more. Become (as the divine masculine should) a master of your woman, her body, needs, pleasure, emotions...

The woman is fully surrendered here. She can also guiding him gently and subtly by gently raising and moving her hips to the right position. (You can also use a pillow to raise your hips slightly higher) She can pull his hips deeper into her to remind him to stay deep and find the spot that stimulates her clitoris the most. She can guide him by movement, sound, eye contact or simply use words when needed. The woman can also play with her legs to find the perfect position. The legs can remain straight (like the man's legs) or knees folded if that feels better.

TIP for men- there's a time and space for thrusting, but for most women, grinding in the right way will bring her much more pleasure, it will bring you more time to feel her and to connect to her body and it will enhance the experience for both.

This slow, firm motion will bring much more pleasure to your woman, but you must master being attuned to her body and heighten your sensitivity, men. And as always - slow down!!

For men, the main pleasure sensation comes from thrusting, but for a woman it is so much more! you must fuck ALL of her, all at once, and not just in the bedroom, but way before you even get there. Remember, a woman yearns to be fully ravished by a man who loves and honors her, a man who takes his time to get to know ALL of her. So, enjoy your greatest exploration, men- the journey to a woman's heart... and womb.

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