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Dear dark masculine

Dear dark masculine,

Thank you for mirroring the darkness in me. for helping me in my awakening. for showing me all the parts I must face and transform on my way to divinity.

Thank you for causing me pain and shattering my illusions so I will have no choice but to love myself completely.

Thank you for breaking down all my walls and old patters so I can build myself anew and be whole.

Thank you for pushing me away so I see I don't need you. for trying to control and rule me so I can remember my real power and who I really am.

I see the bright light you carry. I see the potential of the divine man you are. but as long as you let your darkness lead your actions, you cannot be my equal.

you are not ready yet to enter my body. my temple. A temple I have worked so hard to reconnect to and to keep clean. a temple who needs now, more than any other time in human history, my protection and love.

You are not ready to merge with my everchanging spirit who longs more than anything to merge with you.

When my divine equal penetrates my body he knows he penetrates the universe. He knows the power of my portal and he enters it with the honor and ecstasy it deserves. A portal I share with him and allow him the entrance to. I can only share the flame of union I carry with a divine equal. One that sees more than a woman. He sees the goddess in me, just as I see the god in him.

I see all the good in you but I must remind myself I cannot heal you. it is not my job.

I am here to plant a seed in your heart. to help you connect to your pure, strong heart once more so you can heal yourself.

I can only be the divine feminine that I am and inspire you to want and choose at each moment to be the divine masculine you are. For me. For us. For the world we are in service to.

We are not perfect. but divine. We are awakening each other and I know eventually our union is inevitable.

Just as you press on all my wounds, I use my flame to stir your frozen heart. Until you want to be worthy to enter me. to become one with all life, through me.

My divine feminine holds the temple that is your home. but you must set out on the journey to find it.

You are not ready yet, dark masculine. but I am in overflowing gratitude that you remind me to stay in my light. I could have never found it without you. I myself, have not reached my full power yet, but each breath I take gets me closer. I am a warrior of light, who walks fearlessly through her shadow. And I need a man who does the same. Who will hold my heart safely, just as I hold his.

I will not wait for you because the mother needs me to be in my power now, but I will love you.


I join my sisters. United with them, I am balanced, knowing you will find your way to my womb once more.

It might take you time, but I will always love you there, in the space on no time. That moment your heart was open and felt safe in mine. That moment we have surrendered to each other’s truth.

You can be the divine man you were meant to be, but you still choose the dark. I understand why. It is easy, known, it gives the illusion of safety for the walls you have built for so long. But it is the most dangerous place for your fragile heart, so I hope you will find your courage to let go of the shadow. That you unite with your inner child again and come play with me…

Because I, i will accept nothing less than your brightest light. So I must let you go. For now…


the divine feminine.


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