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A Divine Man's commitment

commitment to your woman.

There are many changes in relationships today. the old ways don't seem to work anymore so people turn to open relationships and polyamory, but not knowing how to handle that as well, they create even more chaos and confusion.

I wanted to share what I am seeing in terms of energy exchange. I'm here to teach about the energy created and transformed in sex and the power of it, so with this perspective, you can perhaps make a better choice. Something to think about.

This is just to give you a new way to look at the energy exchange and how you can choose better a way to use it.

Many today try the poly lifestyle and open relationship and though I admire that in a way and the idea of it is quiet lovely, the reality is very different.

I'm sure some know how to live this lifestyle in the correct way but most are doing a pretty bad job at it and its because of the simple fact that we are merely babies at this now. The pioneers that open a new portal for a new divine bond that we have long forgotten as humans. so we are also the people that will make all the mistakes.

I will not give too much of my personal opinion on this matter but will only say that whatever you choose to do and explore, you must ask the this simple question: WHY?

why do i want to be monogamist? why do i want to be poly?

make sure that you do it with the right intention and from real joy and authenticity. Not because its the new thing to do, or it comes from a deep fear or an old belief or any other reason that does not align with your higher self.

As long as you are aligned with your spirit- that's all that matters. That you live in integrity with yourself and the people in your life.

When committing to your woman's portal . Her vulva. pussy. To this gateway- you receive energy and healing and connection to the divine from. (if she is in her divine power as well of course and on a spiritual path similar to yours.)

She becomes for you- A shrine that gives you light and love. Your channel to the divine.

On the physical level it is a promise to keep her portal, her body, clean and pure to do her work, and therefore- you get all the light she does- Because when a woman loves a man she subconsciously gives him all she has energetically.

(it is not by accident that we have a saying that behind every great man is a great woman.)

And on the spiritual, energetic level, you are committing to honor and help this light vessel (your body and heart) to remain pure so that it wont mix with other energies, that will ruin her connection and divine work.

So you can see- it is more than the woman herself you are committed to- it is the vessel she holds. The vessel you channel your energy to. You are committing to God/ Goddess/ the mother herself. Your woman holds your energy and transmutes it almost. She connects you and gives you even more power.

You are keeping your own vessel and connection to all in existence - safe and clean. giving your temple respect and intent.

A divine woman also knows to hold and keep the heart of her man safe- for that is his power. in this perfect unity they both are safe, free to be all they are, knowing they are safe within this bond and the powers they get from it. And the connection they get to their own soul, is unmeasurable.

Many don't do the work to get to this point. Most of us don't know how. That's why we have to re-learn all about the masculine and feminine energies, how they work alone and how they work together.

It takes shadow work, owning your responsibility, ego and subconscious fears. It demands tou taking your power back, and committing to growth, to this bond that will create a third entity - the growth between you two. A new world you birth together.

You may choose open relationships or poly, and for very few of you that might just be ok. But very few people choose this path from the right reasons. Most tell a story to themselves why they want this and they believe it so hard they have lost touch with their heart. they are doing this for many reasons but are not honest with who they truly are and what they want. And perhaps it served them in the past, but a human on a truly divine path of union will seek true unity within themselves, and withing a sexual transference of their energy. One will know this to be the true path of the Gods and Goddesses.

Most people crave monogamy in it's healthy strong form, but because we don't know how to do it right, and we have been so hurt we run from it like fire.

Let's face it. humans are very disconnected now from their divine powers and their true potential of sexual power. In order to be back and live within our divinity we must remain clear and allow the right life force to be channeled through us in the best way. and sleeping around with multiple partners will never get this done. not in the collective state we are at now as human. not in our state of consciousness. even the most 'spiritual' of us.

Ask yourself:

-does this relationship fulfill me in every level of my being?

-WHY am i doing this? why do i want this? ask this in every step of the way and be HONEST with yourself !!

It is hard to handle one persons energy. let alone more then one partner. we are asking for pure chaos. especially when most individuals haven't done enough work on themselves even and are not ready for even one partner. We love to complicate things and they are actually simple

from an energetic point of view, It is easier to grow and focus and expend with one person. with one point of attraction. our human mind works better this way. no matter what kind of mind you have. one point of energy helps you to go deeper into yourself. you can and should connect with others, be free and love fully. but commit to one. commit to the universe through another person. choose. focus your energy. know thyself. dont jump and escape from one to another when the boat gets rocky. but choose well. choose the one that elevates your spirit. that aligns with who you are.

Ask yourself:

- what do YOU want from a relationship? be honest with yourself and explore all its sides. maybe your answer has changed in the last year? we change all the time. check in and ask WHY you want this. be honest.

- what are your needs???? this is crucial and so important. to know your needs and ecknoladge them.


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