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The new children

The New Children

Children who started to be born in the early 1980's came in with a new set of genes. Today's kids have an even more evolved set of DNA. They are the new children, the ones who will lead the new earth into its higher dimension, yet we treat them, their bodies, minds, and spirits in the same way we have been treating older generations.

Times are changing. The new children are a gift to humanity. They are volunteers, like me, who came here to help, knowing the price they would have to pay. We owe it to them to know who they are and support their journey so they can help us as they came here to do.

They are known as indigo, rainbow, crystal, or light children.

Every child comes with a set of gifts and abilities that will be in use for his/her specific journey. These children are more intuitive, sensitive, and spiritually powerful than we can ever know. They understand reality and feel people around them clearly, they can heal, receive messages, and see the future.

My gift, for example, is speaking with beings in other dimensions, a person's higher self; angels. I get clear visions of the future (for me, these visions are independent and I will receive what I need to for higher purpose, but not always when I want to) and, as I mentioned earlier, I feel the pain of others, especially animals. Sometimes, when needed, another healing or channeling will naturally happen through me, if a person is in need of it.

The new children have many more abilities.

I was lucky enough to grow up in the 80's in Israel, with a loving mother who allowed me to express myself relatively fully. Unfortunately, the new children in the west today are in most cases diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, or autism. They are medicated and labeled as something so far from who they really are. Their powers and abilities are numbed by not only drugs, but the blaming, destructive, negative voices of the adults around them.

The medications they are given destroy their gifts, sensitivities, connection to other realms, and even the wisdom they came here with. Even before diagnosing them, just on the day they arrive to earth, even before having the chance to open their eyes, we force horrific poison into their delicate bodies in the form of vaccines.

Many of the new children start speaking only at a later age. Sometimes only at the age of 5-6. This is not because they are mentally slow, but because they have psychic abilities and have no need to use words, especially if their parents understand them and all their basic needs are met. Some children's consciousness moves so rapidly they see many levels of reality at the same time. It is impossible to express their inner world in words, so they just naturally prefer silence. This is something I went through and still experience, so I know how that feels.

Our children do not belong to us! They are not our property. We are simply the vessels they come through to do their job here. We may have the responsibility to taking care of their health, their wellbeing, and keeping them safe, but we have no right to change them simply because it is more convenient to our society.

They are our children. I say 'our' because all children belong to all of us. They are our responsibility as a human society, just as they came here to serve all of us as their responsibility. They are here to teach us. Not the other way around. We may teach them to eat using a fork, but they are here to teach us about life itself.

These new children are more connected to other realms, times, and planets. We must simply let them be and just support them in whatever path they choose. That will help them more than anything.

The current school system, medications, vaccines, and food we give them changes them down to the genetic level. It influences them more than we can imagine. It is our job to keep them as pure as they are, not covering their spirit with the darkness and old ways of this world. They came here to bring light, let’s not cover them with darkness thinking we are helping them.

As parents and elders, we must ask ourselves these hard questions. We must ask ourselves if what we choose for our children is really what’s good for them or us?

Honestly, the Mother has given up on many of us. Her focus is the new generation. The new children that are born today. They are the ones who will bring her new fifth dimension world to be. They are already causing massive change just by being here. Their frequencies raise ours and most of us are not aware of it and we cause them so much damage.

They need us to awaken faster. If you do not do it for yourself, do it for them.

You don’t need to have children to help them. In fact, we need to bring less children in at this time and focus on the many that are already here and take care of them.

The new children cannot live in our old patterns. The vaccines, food (that is not really food anymore), and education system we force upon them is killing and destroying them. Not only that, but these things destroy their connection with the Mother. Their gifts and powers are also jeopardized. They are much more powerful than us yet much more sensitive to all the toxins we force feed them, physical and spiritual toxins.

We must be their providers and protectors. Not owners, or deciders of what path they need to take. They already have that knowledge.

Light Foods

Children of light need the food of light. The DNA of Children today, not to mention their empathic spirit, will not take meat and dairy products into their system. It may cause a total collapse, health issues, and even mental issues. Imagine a child that is overly sensitive to energies, consuming a piece of a tortured pig, chicken, or cow. They can hear their voices, feel their pain and fear. Their spirit becomes depressed from the low frequencies and feelings they feel from the animal they consume. Not to mention that it is not really food since it is packed with poison. The animals themselves are sick, so we are feeding our pure children the ill meat of a scared animal. This food carries a very low vibration, and children need the highest vibration they can get here. This reality is already filled with fear. We must keep their vessels clean and strong.

Dairy for example, is a horrible product that holds the energy of separation. It is the destruction of feminine and child energy. It is a product made from raping a female cow and taking away her child. The new children know that everything is naturally energy and they feel it. They might not grasp it mentally, until older, but they do feel it and it shakes them to the core.

White sugar and all processed foods are detrimental for their pure bodies. Today we can find healthy alternatives for snacks even by just eating only raw fruits and vegetables. I am a nanny and have been working with children all my life. Kids actually crave light foods, but if we feed them poison that is meant to get our bodies addicted, they will crave those poison. Most food products today are addictive because they are not food. If you still choose to consume these things please do, but I beg you, give your children a chance.

No wonder so many children today are sick with all possible diseases. Cancer, diabetes, you name it. It is outrageous. It is purely our responsibility to make sure it does not happen. Sickness is no matter of luck or chance. You have control over your body and health. Take your power back. Now.

What are we doing to our children? Children do not belong to anyone. Even their birth biological parents. We all have been given the privilege, all humans that are alive now, to support them.

These children's souls feel the darkness. And I don't just mean the children in Africa who are starving to death, or the orphans in Romania, or those people give birth to only to get state finance and then throw the children away. I don't just mean the children in Syria who are forced to witness daily war horrors. I don't just mean children in South America who live in pure poverty. I am also talking about children who live in the West, in the USA for example, who are taught they are better somehow if their parents have more financial solidity, children who watch us with our faces buried in our cell phones and don't know what it's like to truly connect with another being. They watch as we numb ourselves with TV and alcohol or pass by homeless people without so much as a twinge. They know exactly what we do to animals, if not consciously then subconsciously, and they suffer because most of these kids are still connected to the Mother's dimension. We force vaccines onto their frail bodies before they even get a chance to open their eyes. We send them to a school system which they cannot handle, that blames them for being different and labels them as damaged. Even I, in an older generation, couldn't take this school system. And today it is even worse. The school system is like a soul cage and a punishment. The children get punished even more when they are diagnosed by teachers and parents and doctors with mental issues and filled with even more drugs that destroy their powers and imagination, not to mention their pure joy of life. The children today, our children, their spirits and souls, are stronger than ours but their bodies are weaker. We are killing them on many levels and we must stop now. We are also killing ourselves.

We turn them into machines. We program people only to lock them into an endless cycle. These children are not meant to have a degree, not meant to have a nine-to-five job, not meant to die sick and exhausted from work. Rather, they must create their own path.

In school, they are stressed. They get less sleep. They are forced to waste their time memorizing useless information. They learn that the better you memorize something, the more you are successful. They learn that being a slave rewards you. If the vaccines and food don't do it, the education will destroy them.

Children already come with knowledge and power. They are the builders of the new world.

Their imagination is their most powerful weapon. Ours too, but especially for children. This is the number one thing: We, as adults, need to feed and nourish imagination. It is the power of creation and manifestation. It is the true reality. When we suffocate children’s imaginations, we suffocate all of their power and suppress their true selves. We destroy their world, ours.

They are here to help us wake up, yet all we are doing is putting them to sleep!

The Solution

The most important thing we can do for ourselves and for our children is to raise our vibration. It is done through many ways. You can’t speak of love and high vibrations yet eat animals, or be dishonest with your lover, and expect to have a high vibration count simply because you say the word.

No more bullshit, remember?

So here are some basic guidelines for parents:

- Don't push your children to conform to a blueprint that others have created long ago, in order to fit into this society. But do give them complete freedom to find, explore and awaken their powers. Mostly their spiritual ones.

- Keep their bodies clean, feed them light foods only!

- Take them to be in nature as much as possible. This connection is extra beneficial for them. The noise, denseness, and heaviness of a city can be too much for a child who is so sensitive.

- Home school! This is a huge one. The current school system is like death to new children. They must find the knowledge they came with already, and share it. This is their true power. It will lead them to their highest path with ease and abundance.

- Help them connect to animals. Have a pet, or enjoy connecting to animals in nature more. Many children receive information and healing from animals and nature directly.

- Allow them to explore themselves, to try anything they feel a strong passion toward and support them with no judgment.

- Be honest with them, tell them the truth about anything, in a loving, easy, gentle way. They know the truth anyways.

- Though your child is unique, do not tell your children they are special or more important or superior to others. DO NOT LABEL THEM IN ANY WAY.

Every child needs to know they are a part of a whole. they need to learn responsibility, kindness, oneness. They need to cultivate their individuality and gifts and express themselves in their own way, but not learn they are special. This causes subconscious pressure and a sense of superiority. This causes them to disconnect instead of connecting.

- Do not serve your child. Teach them that they must do their part in the home and in society. Teach them to clean the house, help an elderly cross the street, save an injured animal, take out the trash. This will empower them. Show them gratitude, but do not treat their actions as something extraordinary. Show them this is a duty of a human in a society. Show them an example of a divine, responsible, strong individual.


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