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A divine man's orgasm

The true power of the masculine has been hidden from us, just like the true power of the woman was kept hidden for so long.

The masculine's true power is not his sexual energy,

It is the heart!!!

Unlike the woman's orgasm that fills her with life, power and energy, when a man orgasms it TAKES life force from him. It depletes him from life force.

That is why the dark masculine world we have been living in encourages men to have more orgasms and have more sex while it causes blame and shame for women to do the same.

The dark masculine energy wishes to deplete the divinity in both men and women.

But the truth is coming out.

For men it is better to abstain from orgasm. AS MUCH AS THEY CAN!

Yes. I know this is not only a radical thought to a man living in our society today but it also seems impossible.

We have been brainwashed with the story that a man is only worth something the more he conquers, and that the more women and sex he has, the better man he is considered to be.

But this is not the truth from a divine point of view.

A man can reach his true potential, one which only very few on this planet have reached, by a right use of his sex power, and his real center of power- his heart.

You can have sex, men. In fact, have as much sex as you want with your woman. Divine, passionate, sex in any way you want, but if you are a man on his path for divinity - you want to refrain from orgasm.

Bring your woman to as many orgasms as you can, as many as her body needs and desires, because that is HER power and when she is filled with divine energy, (especially if she loves you), you will naturally be filled with all the life force she receives from her connection to the universal womb.

She is your connection to the divine life force, so loving a woman truly is the best thing you can do for yourself as well.

Try it for a month first. Begin with having less orgasms . Perhaps allow only one a week and then once a month and make sure you are using that energy in the right way. Use sex magic and be very aware on what you focus during your orgasm. You can learn about ways to transmute your sexual energy to life force and about sex magic on my YouTube Channel.

And for the true brave men, you can join my God-Man program here:

Notice your body, thoughts, feelings that arise in this time of sexual cleansing and transmutation. Notice your urges and ego. Do not ignore any emotion or desire, but let it be your compos to uniting your shadow and light. To awakening your power- Your Heart.

Look at it as a temporary game and practice. It is not going to last forever. You WILL have lots of orgasms, but after you learn about the real power of sex and you abstain from orgasms, for just a while, you will know (if you learn how to move and use your sexual energy correctly) how to really use sex and will have much better sex and in the future- and yes - way better orgasms.

Breathing work is vital to preserve your sexual energy and fill it, instead, into your hearts - your true power source!!!

Here is a simple breathing technique you can begin with- When you have sex or masturbate- stop right before the point of ejaculation and take a deep breath. Take that energy from your penis and 'pull' it up into your heart. Imagine that energy and give it shape and color and fill your heart with it. begin to see and connect with your sexual energy. Begin to 'see' the flow of it and use your imagination and breath to control it and later on, transmute it to higher levels of power.

I love you divine men. We all need you now.

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