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There is a certain Misconception about twin flames. Everyone wants to be a twin flame. And the main reason for that is the fake idea of Hollywood movies and Disney movies and fairy tales. The reason that they hold so much power within our psyche is that they do hold some truth to them. They have pictured an image to us that actually holds the true meaning of a twin flame. This is why it speaks to our soul so much and we all crave this kind of connection.

We all have many soulmates during our lives. Everyone we meet almost in our life is our soul mate. Whether we encounter them for 5 minutes, five years, or for the length of our entire lifetime. they are here to awaken the part of our soul, push certain buttons if you wish, activate a specific frequency within us.

A twin flame connection is a unique connection. not everyone is a twin flame. many people want to be twin flames but they are not twin flames and they do not have twin flames. Not in a sense that we have believed to be at least.

Every human is in fact a twin flame for themselves. Meaning that the true Union of every human individual must happen first within themselves and only in themselves. The divine feminine and divine masculine within each human being must be United in order to activate the light codes of the power of the individual human being. This is the true energetic work of the Temple.

A few individuals on our planet, are in fact twin flames in the way that society believes this term to mean. Meaning they have another counterpart outside themselves another Soul if you will- the day is deeply connected to in a way that is far beyond the way and the power of an actual human being.

Most twin flames are not originated on Earth. Many of them are volunteers on this planet. They came from other dimensions and planets in order to help humankind in The Awakening process, and therefore they needed a counterpart in order to help them in this very heavy, difficult mission.

many people today hold the extremely misguided idea that twin flames must experience pain, hurt, separation before they Unite. they believed that all twin flames are going to unite in physical body and experience the sort of magical romantic love you see in the Hollywood movies.

Those people are going to find the truth very difficult to believe and will even resist it very strongly. I know I resisted myself as well, And the truth, the way I received it from The Sisters of the Temple, which hold the knowledge of the true twin flame connection- is this:

Twin flames do not have to encounter each other in a physical body. They mostly choose not to Incarnate together in a physical body in the third dimension. Twin flames are two souls or actually one Soul who have a mission together, who hold a third energy together- like the symbol of the triangle in the sex magic temple. they hold specific energy TOGETHER and that energy is more than them. more then just the sum of who they are and their selfish desires from each other and from their relationship.

they are living for a mission and a reason and a purpose that is greater than them. In a way. Sacrifice their own physical, sexual and romantic needs for a higher purpose and for their work together in this realm and other realms.

Therefore they do not have to Incarnate in a physical body together. In fact, it is better that they do not do so.

When one twin chooses to remain in another dimension they in fact are helping the twin who chose to come into Incarnation into a physical body. The work of a twin is extremely difficult. Especially for those who chose to volunteer on this planet at this moment. Therefore they will do their job better if one is assisting from another dimension, helping the physical twin in raising their vibration, protecting them energetically and physically, and guiding them in their path.

The Romantic idea of love and love connection which we see in films and fairytales is absolutely a part of a twin flame connection, but it is not all of it. Far from it. It is merely a small part of their connection and Union.

The love connection at the sexual experience that they can experience can shatter the world completely. This is another reason why twin flames choose not to come together in a physical body because their energy could in fact be too much if they do not know how to use it wisely. Many human beings today believe they are living with their twin flame but in fact, they are in a complete soulmate relationship. A very beautiful powerful love relationship, but not a twin flame one.

The romantic love story we all subconsciously seek and desire but this romantic love story is just a little piece of the Twin Flame relationship. It is the icing on the cake if you will. But it is not what gives the nourishment and power to this dimension. It is not what they truly seek from their bond.

What real twin flames seek from their Union is pure power. power is not bad. power is power. it all depends on how you use it. twins seek Power in order to help. Power in order to elevate and expand consciousness. Power in order to unite human beings with our true soul. Power to set free the mind of humans at this point. They seek to raise vibrations, to share knowledge. To bring light.

A huge piece of it is our individual work and Shadow work and spiritual work that we do by ourselves before we come together and uniting with our twin flame and that is almost half of the work already. so the person that is not doing any work on himself, like really- and I'm talking real work on themselves- is not a twin flame. They want to be one. but they are not. and they definitely do not hold or live the energy of a twin flame.

You must get the story out of your mind, the story about twin flames, because it is hindering you in your expansion and in your work here on Earth.

I know this because I have been there, so I am want to shake you off of it because I want you to begin to really focus on your own soul expansion and your own mission here on Earth.

I want you to First Unite the divine feminine and masculine within yourself. That is the true Awakening of a twin flame energy. And even if you are not a twin flame of another soul, you can still do a twin flame work within yourself right now. You can awaken light codes that are dormant within you. You can bring more light into this realm right now. If you are a twin, your twin will find you or you will find them- if you do this work. And again this Union does not have to happen in a physical body. Because the union that you both share is an inter-dimensional Union. It is beyond space and time. Even your sexual Union will be the best sex you will ever have. Because it surpasses the limitations of the physical body. It is a connection of soul-body mind and heart as one.

Let go of the idea or the stories you may have on twin flames. Focus on your mission right now on Earth. Focus on who you are and who you want to become. Focus on uniting both polarities within yourself in their Divine Essence. masculine and feminine.

Focus on your own soul expansion.

If you are twin - call upon your twin. speak to them. your twin may need help somewhere. Or you may need the help of your twin. Form a connection, no matter where you are right now in the ethers. No matter if you are together in body or not. But do not let it stop you and do not let it take your focus from where you are right now. If you are a twin, know your twin wishes you to focus on your mission and expanding your consciousness. That is, in fact, the best way to connect with your twin.

Because the union that happens within yourself- the union of your own divine masculine and feminine- is the only Union that actually matters. Twin Flame or not. First, you are your own twin flame. First, you must create the contact in the Union within yourself.

if you are a twin you are meant to unite with your twin weather on this Dimension or another. Trust the union and let it go for now. unite both polarities within yourself and focus on your own expansion.

ARE YOU A TWIN flame? have you been asking this yourself?

What are twin flames?

They are two flames and the Flames are referred to are the Violet Flame. the flame of the Soul, the flame of the soul body. Twin flames work together more in the etheric realm. They have their individual work on this planet in a physical body yet they unite and do their energetic work together as a team in the etheric realms.

If you do not have the ability to work in a few dimensions at the same time. If you cannot jump through timelines naturally and do spiritual work in the etheric realm, I am sorry to say, You are not a twin flame. It is not good or bad it just means you have a different Mission here on Earth. It means you have a mission to do by yourself which contains more of your physical body and your physical actions as well as your emotions which hold a tremendous amount of power as a human being. you may enjoy the wonderful romantic love actually more than twin flames can. you actually have more of the freedom in the physical realm when it comes to romantic love.

When twin flames finish their work together in this Physical Realm, they usually remain for a while in the aetheric realm together. In a way to finish up the details of their work together on Earth, to solidify their work before they move on to other dimensions and release themselves from the karma of the planet if they wish to do so, or they may wish to come back to another Incarnation and continue their work in the physical body in a different way.

Even go to other planes of existence to do other work together. They are completely free and Sovereign from the cycle of karma of this planet. And that is another reason why one twin chooses to not be in a physical body- because this helps them to remain above and outside the cycle of karma that is imprisoning so many of human beings.

The physical plane is very difficult for twin flames and Volunteers in general, therefore many twin flames feel the physical aching of not being with their twin flame in a physical body, but as soon as they form a true connection to their twin flame, spiritually and energetically, they feel tremendous relief and freedom and they begin to do their work more powerfully and with more Focus.

This is a real issue for twin flames and it is a great challenge, but we must remember we chose to come here in this way for a specific reason.

We must delete the program of this world and the ideas of romantic love the way it is portrayed to us in this Society, and see beyond the illusion.

Twin flames chose to do their work on this planet, while one remains non-physical mostly. It is a very difficult reality to accept. Trust me I know for it took me many years to accept it myself, but the mission and raising the frequency on planet Earth is what matters most. We will Unite with our twin and enjoy a tremendous amount of love with them at some point in our existence. Whether it be in this Dimension or another.

This truth could be liberating and empowering for those who are twins. Especially for those who are volunteers from other planes of existence.

To read more about twin flames, as well as sacred symbols of sex magic and their use in the temple, read my book- Symbols Of Sex Magic.

I offer twin flames reading and channeled session with the sisters of the temple. If you feel called to work with me or the temple, connect with us and we will love to serve your soul path.


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