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Part of mastering the sacred union is understanding the power of ritual and initiation.

A simple yet vital ritual of the sacred union is to cleanse before the union.

In the most basic way, both partners can take a bath or a shower together, and the woman, the feminine partner, is responsible for the energetic cleansing of both and the clear, strong intention of this ritual.

But no cleansing will not make much of a difference if your vessels (physical bodies) are full of animal products or other partners you haven't fully cleansed, released and blessed. For this you can watch my video on how to cleanse past lovers for a simple ritual you can do.

There is a whole process to the true purification ritual and that is why most people cannot perform it, at least not successfully to get the full benefits, but this is something some of you can begin to explore, especially if you are vegan and in a monogamous, committed, loving relationship. I want to stress that ALL people CAN do it, but choose to not take the true path of the sacred union. Today many people want to believe they are having sacred sex, while sleeping with multiple partners, not doing enough shadow work, not being honest and kind to their partners and not protecting the sacredness of their union. Doing yoga or taking psychedelics are great tools, but they dont make you a true love maker. Honest, constant, deep shadow work and honoring yourself - mind, spirt and body as well as your partner's body and spirit does. A life of integrity and daily commitment to living in sacredness is what creates a sacred union, not some fancy spiritual words or a robe decorated in crystals.

Those who live the true path of initiation know it is UGLY. it is dirty, messy, scary and confusing even.

And you naturally have the knowing that before entering your sexual union you need to cleanse yourself because you are about to create some real magic. open portals and connect to dimensions you may not be ready for. You can read more about the basics of sex magic in my book- Sex Magic Evolution.

Despite the fact you do need a purified body (vessel) and pure intentions for your union, you don't have to be super 'spiritual' to go have a bath together and have the woman (or feminine partner) bless your union and imagine your energy body and physical body purifying in the water (which you also bless beforehand). The woman does all the energetic work, all the man has to do is trust her powers and intentions and not make a joke of it. Take it seriously and see this as a sacred ritual you both are participating in.

Instead of going to church- start worshiping each other. You are each other's devotional purpose. You are worshipping the god/goddess in each other. This is the true holy sacrament.

This intention from the woman, also connects the male partner to her deeper, and aligns your energies together.

Sacred sexual mastery is a gift we can use to know how to transmute sexual energies with ourselves and with another. as well, as with the cosmos later on, when we are ready in our initiation.

The sacred union is the highest way to do this, and the only way to truly evolve as the divine beings we are.

We NEED sacred unions now more then ever and i urge you to not get into any relationship- romantic or sexual- if it is anything less than sacred union, because you will be doing yourself and the universe a disservice and keep us in the loop of de-evolution.

If you truly consider yourself a conscious being, you must first understand what the sacred union is, not as the fluffy version so many speak of today in tantric communities while they sleep with each other's husbands and wives and have orgies. I'm talking about the true sacred union who will birth the new world, the evolved, higher frequency we all yearn for to be truly free and live our true self.

Sacred union is for everyone, but unfortunately, cannot be contained and embodied by everyone at this time.

Only the truly aligned, brave, loving souls that are in authenticity and care for one another and themselves can and will help this world shift into her higher consciousness.

If you wish to learn more about the true teachings of the temple of ISIS & LILITH you can explore the many free videos on YouTube which will offer a basic introduction and my books as well as apply for an interview if you feel the call of your womb to become sex priestess. I now only accept 1-3 men a year for my God-man programs, but you can also contact me to see if there are spots left for an interview.


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