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The dangers of casual sex- Choose your partners wisely!

I know that in the spiritual community and even outside of spiritual communities, many people have heard a phrase like: "choose your partners wisely." These words are very wise, and we are going to dive deeper into the reasons you should choose your partners wisely, especially these days.

We will talk about why we must have knowledge of sexual flow and this soul contract we have with other people.

Disconnected, misaligned sex always causes some form of trauma in us.

It can cause deep wounds or it could happen on a microscopic level in our psyche, but it happens!!!!

let's explore why:

Those of you who read my book Sex Magic Evolution, know that, among other things, sex IS magic. But sex is also, whether you like it or now- A Marriage.

And marriage is a binding spell.

A one night stand has almost the same effect energetically that a marriage contract has on a soul level. Yes. It is THAT powerful.

This is magic you do not want to mess with. This is sex magic.

For women this is especially important because women are magnetic. We have internal organs that literally receive energy!

Men's organs are external, they are givers. Empty sex for men will affect their hearts, their power center, and trust me, this is not a fluffy saying. This effect is also immense on many levels of a man's psyche, emotions and heart.

The heart of a man IS their center of power which affects his purpose, health, etc... but mainly the connection to source/ the divine (or god if you will).

The emptying of men's seed/ sperm- empties their heart.

Porn and disconnected sex also destroys the way men view women and the feminine which leads to erectile disfunction and spiritual dysfunction because the woman IS the man's connection source, so when a man de-values the feminine and women, he also de-values and destroys his source connection.

The woman IS his path to source- which is an eternal womb- void space- the womb is the space every man long to return to. Men especially have this yearning because they do not hold the womb, like women. This is the sexual obsession men have with women, which we all mistaken for just a sexual physical need, but in fact it is seeded deep within the soul. The subconscious. We have been so distorted that we believe men just wanna fuck women for the sake of sex, but the deeper subconscious longing is to return to source- which a womb- holds. Literally.

A man can lead a very empty life, devoid of spiritual connection and heart connection and be happy and satisfied on the self level, the ego.

That's fine if that's all you want, though you'll have to go through this matrix school/ game again and again because your soul craves, as all of us- sacred union, merging with the divine, a return home that only the sacred union itself offers, and that can only be achieved by taking the initiation journey of the soul and body. There are no shortcuts.

Women take in, hold and keep the energy from their partners (especially male partners. This happens in a lesser intensity in a lesbian partnership, btw, but it still does affect the women on many levels.)

Choosing the wrong partner as a woman can lead to mental problems, physical illness, pain in any area of our sexual organs, chaotic cycles, vaginal infections, deep sadness and even depression, not to mention- unwanted pregnancy- which is such an emotionally and physically difficult experience for a woman (here, I'm speaking of natural woman, not women who are in their shadow feminine energy, which we have plenty of, just like men).

It can also affect your other relationships and keep you in a loop of attracting the wrong people, situations and not allow you the healing space to evolve, grow and know yourself truly. It can hinder your spiritual expansion, strengthen past traumas and even ancestral traumas and karma.

In sex, fluids are mixing up- this sexual alchemy, no matter how broken or unhealthy it is, is still alchemy, information and codes are exchanged, but instead of creating light, power and evolution, most humans de-evolve through sex. This is so sad because sex is one of our greatest gifts and tools to empower and grow and it is being used against us to destroy us.

For both men and women, our spiritual and energetic hygiene is affected tremendously. We form energetic chords with the people we sleep with, and these chords keep us connected to them forever!

This means that our sexual partners have the power, even if they are not aware of it- to influence our energy field even years after we had sex with them.

Women are affected more than men, BUT this also means that women have more power over the men they sleep with.

I did a video long ago called -"how to control a man's soul", where i explain this in more depth, but this is also a secret of the sex priestesses in the temple, that even when a man rapes a woman, she has the real power over him and, with the right knowledge, can influence this man's life in every way. Many men have chaotic lives and they don't see the connection between how they treated a woman, how they caused pain to a woman who loved and was connected to them, through her womb, between the chaos in their lives. This happens all the time, but no one sees it or talks about it. I'm not saying that women go around casting spells on men. Some do I'm sure, knowingly or unknowingly curse others, but naturally, when a man and woman connect and 'marry' through sexual union, and the masculine partner doesn't show up with his giving energy, or hurts the feminine vessel he has united his energy with, and the feminine feels this pain, which is huge for the feminine - this pain, that's in her womb- affects the masculine which was a part of her wombniverse (each womb is a universe of its own that a man has the honor of entering). This is so basic but so beyond humans to grasp because we have been pushed farther and farther from our powers and divinity, and especially from the true knowledge of the sacred sexual union.

Let me give you a personal example.

One of the reasons I, as a sex priestess abstain from sex, is because i know my energy is so powerful and catalystic that it can seem to 'hurt' men who are not ready for evolution. For example, if i sleep with a man who is not in his higher path, and is not ready to step up to his higher path, if i open my heart to him, as the feminine, his life can seem to have the illusion of 'falling apart'. Me, myself, am not doing anything to this man!!!!! - it is simply the call of my feminine soul to his masculine heart to step up to his greater version- especially since he united with a highly caring, fierce womb holder.

I know my womb is a gift to the masculine, but if he is not ready or willing- it can seem to 'destroy' his life though it is really an opportunity to rise to his full potential. This is the gift of any woman, especially if she is on the path of her divinity.

A man gives you his seed, his life force, and you receive it in the womb, where the codes of this information are stored forever.

No- you cannot fully cleanse the energy of past lovers, only to some extent, and release their conscious effect in your life- but the subconscious will always hold this lover's energy and information. It is an unspoken soul binding contract. When humans live in their highest wisdom, we do speak and communicate and make sure we are ready for this soul and body marriage contract, but we live now in a society of casual sex, where men expect you to have sex in 5 minutes and if you don't, you are shamed or abandoned.


Sexual chords are soul-ties, karmic contracts that we create with another.

When you sleep with someone who eats animals, this death, fear and trauma will enter your body.

If you sleep with someone who deep down has no respect for women, you will begin to doubt your own self- respect.

If you sleep with a man who is lacking integrity and flow with finance- it will effect yours.

Unless you are a mastered, initiated sex priestess who was trained to transmute the darkest of energies, and unless your vessel is utterly pure and clean and knows how to handle all types of frequencies, you must protect your sexual energy and your body at all costs. Even with the level of mastery I, myself have gotten, there are still some lower energies I must protect myself from.

I was trained and have mastered this, but still played with fire once or twice and though I am a master of transmuting the darkest of energies, I have felt the effects, though for very short time and I've learned, in my early priestess time, that I don't need to even play with lower energies and people even if I can manage it energetically. This is a part of the self-love journey we are on, sisters.

And for men, choosing a woman wisely, discerning and waiting for a true loving, open feminine woman to love and worship- will also program you into being a true 'god'. Into a self-loving man of honor. You will be able to honor yourself more, as well as others around you. The more you are mindful and heart-ful with the women (or men) you choose to sleep with, the more you are connected to your heart and your real power as a man.

Don't be another dishonorable man that hates women, uses them, manipulates them (which is a dark feminine trait, btw) and lies. Be a man of honor. we all need more of that. Wait for your woman to give her all of you. This will be your true gift as a man.

Also, men- you are a channel of light and when you pour your life force into a vessel with 'holes' in it- your life force is depleted and wasted. When you pour your light into YOUR woman, into a powerful vessel who can contain light and who knows how to protect and transmute it, with love and heart connection when she feels safe, open with you- you will get your life force back 10 times fold. Not only that. she will transmute it for the entire world and for your union. but remember- she must feel safe, held, seen and fully contained in all her feminine colors by you- her man.

You will be more successful in your life; you will be happier and healthier.


I've talked many times before about the fact that most humans are already, in some form or another, possessed by demonic entities. Mostly we will not know this is happening at all because the person may seem normal and even nice.

Sex is a portal, again, as I write and explain in my first book, Sex Magic Evolution, and when we have sex with someone, we open many portals that we are not aware of or conscious of, unless we have mastered sexual union, which very few people on the planet have- and this is a mastery you cannot get just in a tantra class.

It is deep real initiation one must go through with the divine and their higher self. Even in my initiations, which are guided by the sisters of the temple, I can never take the person into their initiation. I help them clear all the gunk, prepare them and give them the tools to do so, and if they are highly committed, focused and dedicated, they will receive all the initiation benefits.

So, opening portals and gates, while you and your partner are not fully present, thinking of many other things or people, have not opened the heart portal FIRST, as you should in sacred union and also have weak or even bad intentions - can lead to many low frequency entities to FEAST on your life force during and way after the sex is over. It is a very high price to pay.


When you sleep with someone you also take on parts of their bloodlines, ancestral karma as well as any curses they may have!!! and you never know how deep or dangerous the curse or karma can be! sit with this for a minute.


Most people who have unconnected sex are acting, knowing or unknowingly, like vampires.

They are having sex in a selfish way, wanting to take from the other and take care of only their own desires.

Women are more capable of being a 'vampire' because we are the ones who receive and take the energy from the man naturally, he gives us his energy. But, men are highly skilled at being energetic vampires, even if they are not consciously doing so. the reason is the deep seeded fear of women and the feminine that is accompanied by the lack of shadow work and self knowledge of their deepest emotions and shadows. Women have so much more practice and ways to deal with their emotions daily, which leads to being better at mastering their shadows. (another reason why healthy brotherhood is so vital and for men to form ways for them to process and release and heal all repressed emotions).

Although most women don't do it consciously, we can suck life force from men, especially if we don't feel safe with him. This is not done in an evil intention, it is simply the way our vessels and energies work and the better we know this, the better we can work with this energy, each other and bring more healing to one another.

Men today, though are very much in their shadow feminine and when they use manipulation with women, they drain them emotionally and energetically, as well as mentally- like vampires.


Money is a masculine energy.

Woman cannot create, receive pure divine masculine abundance when we have a blockage from a man's energy. Women will be effected by the masculine energy they allow inside of them.

So, sleeping with the wrong person can and will affect your finance, sister.

Men will also be more successful when they give to the right strong vessel (as we discussed earlier)- and that vessel gives your life force back to you!


  • cleansing past lovers ritual - as a start.

  • cleansing the physical body! (Mainly from animal products, alcohol and low vibration drugs.)

  • cleansing the energy body while using all elements- air (sage), water (cleansing baths and ocean), earth (ground), fire (white flame, fire cleansing).

  • cleansing baths - as often as possible - also in the ocean, while connecting with the womb of the mother ( yes- men can do this too. )

  • ground- lay on the earth with deep, cleansing breathing - you can learn how to do breathing today with many teachers and YouTube videos- use a deep cleansing breath to offer all unwanted energies to the mother to use as life force and transmute it as she wishes. With this intention ritual you turn unwanted energy to a gift to the mother or the cosmos.

  • seeking energy healing from your angels and guides.

  • shadow work, inner child work, trauma healing from the body

I never recommend to cleanse someone else's energy - like reiki, because YOU must clean your own shit and not transfer it to someone else.

It is ok to do reiki for general energy moving, but because when we are dealing with sexual energies- we have the possibility of dealing with spirit attachments, so YOU must cleanse yourself.

  • Get to know each other before sexual union. Make a new friend before you allow another someone to dump a heavy garbage bag into you.

this is true for men also! get to know the woman before you give her your energy and life force- this is a piece of you- LITTERALY- YOU WILL NEVER GET BACK.

Unless you are in a sacred union- where your woman holds and transmutes your life force and gives it back to you, even stronger.

  • Choose quality over quantity. Be highly selective, wise and slow down before marrying someone (sleeping with them). Men need to slow down more because this also helps them connect to the heart and strengthens their divine masculine heart, their sense of purpose, as well as integrity and will cause women and people to respect you A LOT more.

  • If you are not ready to evolve in your life- at least put a condom. Double or triple it even- EVERYTIME you have sex. Now, a condom doesn't help completely with the energetic ties, but it at least can possibly help you be 'clean; from the man's seed and physical information through DNA to be stuck in your womb. this will also diminish the physical alchemy of the fluids, although if you kiss you still transfer them anyways. And of course we don't want any more babies that don't arrive through sacred union and a conscious decision from 2 loving, mature parents...


sexual energy moves through our spine, the vagus nerve and nervous system mainly. It is the information channel- what people call kundalini. On this channel so much trauma is locked and blocking our life force flow.

so, it is vital, if you want to be ready for sacred union, to purify the body now from trauma- ( this includes healing old trauma and avoiding consuming new trauma- mainly animal consumption, porn, unconnected sex- which is always trauma, and even horror films).

SO, MEN- you want a woman who is connected to her womb, to the cosmos, so you can be filled with the power and love of the cosmos and live your ultimate self and your highest path.

AND WOMEN- you want a man who his cock is connected to his heart, so you can fully be safe, open and surrendered and a heart - connected cock can help you deepen your connection to the cosmos itself even more. Sounds great, no?

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