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The pain of the feminine -A massage to divine men!

The pain of the feminine -A massage to divine men!

In this time of the feminine awakening it is harder for the women who hold divine feminine energy. Those who are awakening to the truth and their own divinity, to open up. We realize our wounds . They come up to the surface more then ever because we are connected now to all women, in all time and space.

We feel not only our fears deeper but the fears and trauma of all women in all time, space and dimensions.

And above all , we feel the mother, even if we may call her in different names. She is the union of divinity in us all. In goddesses and gods both, but the feminine bodies are the ones carrying her physically. Her love as well as her pain- In our wombs.

The old society is breaking. Also, we see many break ups with couples.

Not many men can handle an awakening woman. She will be raging, empowered, shifting more then her usual nature and very powerful even if she doesn't feel her power all the way yet.

she will take no bulshit or men who still choose to live small and will not match her desires.

A man who wants an awakened woman MUST fight for her. He must surrender to his fears and ego and despite her fire and even her resistance and energetic push, fight.

He must concur himself. He must be a soul warrior. Be courageous enough to always look in the mirror and defeat his own shadow.

Needless to say a woman needs to do the same if she desires an awakened man, but the difference is that we, the divine feminine, hold a power whether we like it or not.

The growth of the feminine is a more powerful one, but also a much more painful one.

For unlike the male, we hold not just our own pain, but the pain of all the mother's children.

An awakening women doesn't need a man, but if she has a man, she needs above all to feel safe. Safe to heal all her wounds, safe to open up and trust this man fully.

She needs a safe, grounded, stable ground to envelope within.

Only then can she get her full power, this will take time but then the man, through her will get his power as well- because she can do it alone (though it is much easier with the support of a divine man), but he needs her to connect to god.

So women- if a man gives you any less than that. LEAVE!

You must heal and allow the rise of the divine feminine within you and through you.

For yourself , all your sisters and the mother.

And men- if you found an awakened, (not perfect, because we are still gonna be on this train for a while and no one is perfect. )- you must fight for her. Not fight to be with her, because she will see the divinity in you as well, but fight knowing and honoring her light and be the support she needs to bring light into the world. For it is through her, you expand as well. Just be there. Do nothing and say nothing if you don't know what to do, but be there. If you KNOW in your heart she is your goddess, and If she loves you and wants you, then no matter how much she will push you or test you or annoy you or push all your buttons, fight for her, because she is your gate to the mother. to your own divinity.

Use all the tests she gives you to grow. Observe your ego and thoughts and do the work. Don't run away from it. A woman will give you an opportunity. Place the biggest mirror in front of you in order to help you grow.

When a divine couple finds each other, remember, it is not for yourselves you unite.

They must do the work for a higher cause. for the mother, god, the awakening, animals... Whatever spirit leads them to.

the higher purpose creates the sacred triangle and connection to source. it keeps them steady and strong.

Your growth and expansion is what will help the divine feminine and masculine and the mother to rise and take us into her womb and into her new dimension.

Your individual courage to dive deep into your darkness will bring the light.

Beauty will be found after looking at the ugliest truths.

Remember the feminine has been caged, hurt and suppressed for centuries and now as we rise all the pain is rising with us. Be patient and loving and also push your woman to heal and face her demons which she might be scared to face as well.

I love you.

I see you, Divine Masculine.


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