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The Vagus Nerve, human voice & Sexual Alchemy

Let's talk about the vagus nerve and its connection to sexual energies transmutation.

I am not a doctor and this is not, in any way, medical advice, but a spiritual, energetic point of view from the perspective of the sex temple of ISIS & LILITH.

vega= means to wander in Latin.

The vagus nerve is the longest cranial nerve that stems from the brain to the colon.

It connects multiple organs and is what the brain and gut (our second brain) use to communicate with one another. It helps the process of our thoughts, emotions and food (which is information as well).

It carries information- and energy- from the throat, ears, and back of the head; One of the main areas which activate the sexual flow.

It is an important nerve for our sense of taste, which is highly important in the sexual union as our taste buds carry information from, and to our partner, through the sacred kiss mainly.

This nerve controls muscles in the mouth and tongue and helps the act of swallowing- which again, is a crucial area that transfers DNA information with the human voice frequencies and body fluids of the partners.

When we kiss, there is a huge transferring of sexual energy as well as information about our partner.

When the vagus nerve is damaged, this may cause interference in the gag reflex and it can cause hoarseness of the voice, and difficulty swallowing. Energetically you can see how this causes interference in the transferring of information from one sexual partner to another.

Here is a secret- when making love to a new partner, always make sure your throat and voice are strong and relaxed. Make sure your body can receive the right information from your partner - 'the truth' about them, the correct, pure information about them. This also allows them to receive the truth about you and in this way, your body and spirit will make the right decisions about your connection in every step of the way. Most people are not very attentive and sensitive enough to this transferring of energy and so many of us make lots of 'bad decisions when it comes to sexual relationships.

You can learn more about this in my book- Sex Magic Evolution.

The vagus nerve is connected to love, connection, intuition, and the overall wellbeing of the human body. It is the longest cranial nerve which connects to all major arteries of the body and all systems, as well as to our orgasm. It is connected to creativity and the brain. It is also, in a way, the energetic 'antenna' that connects the sacred union with source through our physical bodies.

It is important to stimulate this nerve to reduces inflammation, strengthen memory, keeping a healthy heart rate- which is connected to not only your body but also mental and emotional health.

What stimulates and activates this nerve in the best way:

Meditation, breathing, exercise, singing, probiotics, cold water, therapy laughing, hugging, massage (especially in the sides of the neck and pressure points at the feet that correlate with this nerve),

and the best things, in my opinion are: intentional, deep, very slow calm breathing. Voice activation, like chanting and vocal toning. AND laughter and joy- especially joy that arise from a positive connection with other humans and a positive view of others.

Our Human voice activates the vagus nerve in the best way, not just physically but energetically.

When we use our voice together, in a sacred union, it connects us energetically to each other, through our vagus nerve as well, as well as to source.

  1. abdominal breath and the sound of humming.

  2. sound AA. mouth open wide, throat activated and working, stretch the back of the throat.

  3. sound UUU- while moving your body close to your partner or alone, imagining you are embraced by the cosmos, and enveloped by the sound.

  4. deep, elongated sound- sounds like 'mom'- which is also a word that sparks the deepest connection to us, the mother and all life.

Mostly, allow yourself to trust your body what it needs to activate this nevre in your body, so your body remains a powerful vessel/ channel of light/ information.

I will teach about the connection to oral sex and this nerve in the book ADVANCED SEX MAGIC that is coming soon so stay tuned....

You can learn more about the use of the voice and how it is connected to our sexual energy transmutation and overall healing in my book, Sex Magic Evolution. I also guide women in my initiations to use this tool wisely. To apply for the sex priestess initiation, go here.


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