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The Witch Wound & Money

The female body has long been viewed as a resource to exploit, control, and silence, along with our voices and wisdom. The message from dark wizards, whether they appear as priests, religious figures, or political leaders, has always been clear: it is unsafe to inhabit a woman's body. We've been told to stay silent, to step aside, and that speaking truth or questioning authority is perilous. Seeking power and freedom, or simply being different, has been labeled as blasphemy.

In response, many of us have dimmed our light, suppressed our magic, and lived small to avoid hostility. We've buried our rage and disgust deep within our bodies. But now, memories are resurfacing, and so is our power.

One very deep aspect of the witch wound that we all still carry, especially as priestesses and witches in this era, is the inability to ask for the financial exchange we deserve for our services. Money has become somewhat of a taboo word in spiritual communities—something we cannot openly discuss or request. This fear stems from the reluctance to share our spiritual gifts, afraid of persecution and harm. There's also the fear of being too visible or vocal about our powers and magic, energies that have historically been used against us to diminish our light.

If you read Celeste Larson's book "Heal the Witch Wound," you'll understand how the persecution of witches, past and present, is primarily driven by the rise of capitalism. It aims to control and limit women's economic and bodily autonomy. Society does not value a woman's independence if she chooses to live alone, grow her own food, heal with herbs, and expand minds through psychedelic experiences. Instead, it prefers her to marry, where her husband owns resources and continues to birth children who serve the system as tools and slaves.

In many parts of the world, such as India and Africa, women and children are still persecuted and accused of witchcraft. However, those of us fortunate enough to have the freedom to speak and use our voices can heal the witch wound we may carry and liberate ourselves, including financially. We are the dream weavers and storytellers of our own narratives. Despite fears of being seen, speaking truth, feeling like impostors, or fearing our magical abilities being perceived as evil or dangerous, we can transmute these fears and leave them in the past where they belong.

For generations, forces of shadow masculinity have sought to suppress our powers and reprogram our essence into something fearful and distorted. Yet, they cannot extinguish the spark within us. There are no barriers preventing us from achieving freedom and abundance. Any curse laid upon us is merely a narrative—a story we can rewrite at any moment.

During the witch hunts, women who earned their own money, particularly as healers and midwives, faced extreme danger. The visceral sense of unsafety they experienced persists in our DNA, connected to our ancestors. As women of freedom today, I invite you to heal those ancestors who suffered such pain and trauma. We live in an era where we can accumulate wealth and power, use our voices for good, and feel safe.

If you accumulate more money right now and become financially free, be honest with yourself. Would you use it in any way that is harmful to yourself or others? Do you feel you have the wisdom, the compassion, the love to use this abundance wisely for the benefit of all?

Is there a place in you that sees money as dirty, sinful, or dangerous? It could be a very subtle thought. It is your responsibility to find any limiting belief, any storage of blockages, and free yourself to live your full potential. The time of shrinking yourself to avoid burning at the stake is over.

By addressing these deep-seated beliefs and fears, we can reclaim our financial autonomy and embrace the abundance that is rightfully ours. It is time to step into our power, use our voices, and harness our magic to create a life of freedom, prosperity, and fulfillment.


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