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Did you know that in ancient times, witches were accused of having a special, deviant organ called "Satan's teat"? If this organ was found on a woman's body, she would be executed by stoning, burning, or drowning. Today, we know this organ as the clitoris.

Satan's teat, also known as the "witch's mark" or "witch's teat," was believed to be a mark or growth on the body of a person who had made a pact with the Devil.

During witch trials, the presence of such a mark was considered evidence that the accused was a witch. It was thought that witches used this teat to suckle familiars (demonic entities in animal form) or the Devil himself, receiving sustenance and magical powers in return.

The search for Satan's teat was part of the physical examination of accused witches. Witch hunters and inquisitors would search the accused's body for any unusual marks, moles, or growths, which were often interpreted as signs of witchcraft. These examinations were invasive and humiliating, often conducted publicly.

In reality, many of the marks identified as Satan's teat were common skin conditions or natural bodily features, but in the superstitious and fearful climate of the time, such marks were often enough to convict someone of witchcraft, leading to severe punishment or execution.

Witches were also accused of being consumed by excessive sexual desire, supposedly driving them mad with lust and leading them to have sex with the devil. This accusation served as a means to erase ancient fertility rituals and sever women from the life force inherent in their bodies.

While many of us have heard about the witch hunts, few are aware of the primary reason so many women were executed: their sexuality.

The greatest magical power of all lies in the sexual energy that exists between a woman’s legs.

In the past, being a sexual woman often meant facing execution by torture. This historical trauma contributes to why so many women today feel discomfort, fear, or even hatred towards their bodies. This aversion is not a coincidence; it is a manifestation of the "witch wound."

Understanding this context helps explain the deep-seated societal and personal issues surrounding women's sexuality and body image. It's crucial to acknowledge and heal this wound, reconnecting with the powerful life force within us.

Healing the witch wound is about addressing the collective trauma we all share concerning power, fulfillment, solidarity, and feminine sexuality.

In these times of sacred feminine awakening, it is time to break free from this stagnation and create the lives that we and all women deserve—lives filled with fulfillment, pleasure, connection, and self-realization.

In today's world, the concept of a "real" witch seems almost mythological. While the image of a true witch might conjure up thoughts of someone hiding in the forest with her cat and a hairy wart, what about the witches who are just ordinary women like us? Women who share their lives on social media, celebrate at festivals, and embrace the company of other women?

Something about this modern image doesn't quite align with the traditional notion of a witch. It doesn't seem "authentic" enough.

What often feels more authentic is the stereotypical image of an old, lonely witch living at the edge of a village, bitter about life. This witch doesn’t have a family, children, or a partner.

We all grew up with stories that teach us we can’t have it all. According to these tales, you can't be a powerful, independent woman connected to her magical powers and also be a mother, a partner, part of a community, or have a thriving career or business.

It's the same old story we've heard time and again, similar to the narratives of Eve and Lilith, the saint and the whore. If you want to claim your magical powers, the life force, the power of creation within you, you have to sacrifice everything else. You can't have both.

Or maybe you can?

Maybe you can be the woman who knows—who truly knows. A woman who walks her truth no matter what, bringing her full power without compromise. With all the wisdom, grace, and sexuality, living a full, abundant life as you know you deserve.

Perhaps it’s time to break free from this oppression that serves no one but the flawed social order. It’s time to claim all parts of yourself, give the light witch within you more space, and embrace your whole self.

As we awaken to the sacred feminine, it’s time to release this outdated narrative and create the lives we deserve. Lives filled with fulfillment, joy, connection, and self-actualization.

The main part of awakening our divine feminine power is by igniting and reconnecting with the core essence of our sexuality in all its forms and expressions. You may be surprised to learn that it’s rarely about actually having sex with another person.

Join the sex priestess initiation and begin living your greatest life. I work with about three women a year in the full personal temple initiation, but I've made the sex priestess initiation more affordable and accessible to all women around the world with both the online path of self-initiation of the sex priestess and my book, *The Sex Priestess Manual*.


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