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Witches- wake up!

Witches- wake up!

A witch is a woman that is connected to her natural power. To her connection to all, through her womb. She knows she is a creator, but she is not the only one, for all her sisters are creators as well. She is aware of her connection to all women, while connected to the source of all.

She is a priestess. She knows she is a part of a matrix of wombs, connected to each other, as well as the spirit world.

Wit, means 'wise'. A witch means- A wise woman.

In our society, the word witch became something terrible, a word to describe a woman's unholiness, but actually a witch is a powerful woman who practices magic. One who knows the secrets of the universe.

Women do magic naturally it is a born ability we have. Our sacred blood and our cycles move with the rhythm of the earth and heavens. We are made of star dust.

As a child, I remember creating protection spells around animals. I did that naturally from a very young age, using my imagination, and I knew that there is a force around me that is yielding to my wish. I still do it to this day,

We clean spaces, we clear and heal people without even knowing sometimes.

You don't have to sit around a Calderon, putting just the right amount of herbs and mice tails in it to boil, to be a witch. We can just do it with our feelings. They are a huge powerful magic tool we have. That is why, dear sisters, do not suppress your emotions! Use them.

No mater if men or your parents or your teachers or society tell you you are too emotional and crazy. This is who you are. You are an emotional creature and that is your gift. We need to learn to use these energies correctly.

When a woman is in her shadow side, that's when her emotions can use her and create chaos around her. But you cannot do magic without emotions. That is why women are much more natural at witchcraft then men. Most men who use magic do so in a very right brain way, with specific spells, ceremonies that have to be done at the exact way and the right time. But women, we can just feel and know what to do. Many of the great wizards of our world have used this wisdom they learned from women and used it in a vary baneful way, guided by their shadow side. which always lead to baneful magic, meant to control and manipulate in order to take and even harm.

In the past I spoke about light and dark magic, and that they are equally important. Dark is not bad magic, which many mistaken for baneful magic- which hurts others.

A witch uses her natural connection to all. Whether she is female or male. A person who is a witch will have a more feminine energy who knows they are an integral part of everything. She listens to the subtle movement of the wind and it's message, she feels the negative forces as well and listens to her inner guidance on how to overcome it. We are the creators and keepers of all that is pure on this planet. We are not perfect and we know it. We constantly know we need to work and observe our shadow, and honor the truth within us, to live in integrity with the laws of the universe and our own beliefs.

We are magic itself.

As women, we have the gift and ability to go into the darkness.

Darkness, again, is not bad. It is the polarity of light. The darkness is the womb, the eternal space that all life comes from. All possibility. We all come from this darkness and go back there. The dark is the space that the feminine is brave enough to hold and has the ability to face, transform and even live in. We need the dark, to birth the light.

The ocean is dark, and the more you dive deeper, the darker it gets. We women, have the natural way of diving into this depth. A gift which is vital for all humanity. We go and clear and face and battle the most unseen territory of the human soul.

This is the power of a real witch.

It is only when a women combines her light and darkness together, that she is truly unstoppable.

Us witches these days are Re-membering and Re-awakening to the wisdom that is within us. We use nature and all elements, as well as the power that is seeded in our bodies and spirit. We feel all other witches, we move through time and space when we feel all wounds from all times caused by the dark masculine and we transcend them with our loving roar.

The witch dances under the moonlight because she knows she IS the moonlight.

Ever-changing, moving between it's own light and dark, effecting all life with its power and shifting emotions. She dances because she IS the dance. The flow of life and creation, celebrating and aching itself, laughing in her sadness, joyful in her tears, she feels it all in one moment and surrenders to who she is changing to... again and again and again...

As we merge with our sisters, we merge with all parts of us. All the aspects of the feminine we have allowed to scatter in a shadowy world. When we go back into ourselves, still within the eternal darkness, we find truth again, and ourselves.

The feminine has been suppressed, misunderstood, forced to be disconnected from its own power, and the worst thing done to women in my opinion, is that we have been forced to compete with each other and not trust each other. The dark masculine has given rise to also to a same amount of dark feminine, but when we live our light fully, we invite and inspire other sisters to join. We remind them who they are. We are more powerful when we work as one, sisters.

Witches, wake up!

I love you and you are all safe and loved in my womb forever.

I am a servant of the mother, and this is her message for you all, her wonderful brave daughters.


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