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The Last Priestess is not just a 'story'. It is a prophecy. Coded with endless information of the timeline of the Temple that is intertwined with our modern timeline. It is the memory of Solomon, his black magic & the birth of Re-ligion as well as the truth of Gold and the sacred union.
The True tale of the Temple, as told from the eyes of a young girl who was the last initiate of the Temple of ISIS & LILITH. As she remembers the events of the fall of the temple, especially the last day of bloodshed she survived, she also remembers her true power, which is the true power of all women. A unique journey of one girl to bring truth from one dimension to another. A tale of true events that have directly affected our current reality and society. This ‘tale’ will offer you a new story of Solomon (who was no actual king after all), a side of him never before told.
This ‘tale’ will awaken dormant codes that have been longing to rise from our wombs and hearts. It is a ‘tale’ for anyone who lives for truth and who can see beyond the veil of lies, deception and deep programming humanity has been under for eons. This ‘tale’ is not for everyone, but for those who can read between the lines and hear the call of their soul, it will perhaps offer - a guide back home. Back to the Temple, we all hold within.

"Without the feminine, there is no source. All comes from her.
AI, genetic modification, artificial intelligence, and artificial wombs. All combined with black magic, with the same black magic that Solomon began sharing with all his men and sons, in many timelines is now reaching a peak and can hide no more."

"Sacred Union will change the world." - Luna Ora

The Last Priestess PDF book

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