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Why humans must stop having babies NOW!

Why humans must stop having babies NOW!

lets get one thing straight first! I love children!

This article is not about children. It is about the reckless, unconscious adults who have children into this world.

Here are 3 main reasons, from a spiritual view, as well as a sex magic energetic view, why humans must stop having babies, and why they must stop NOW!


A child is programmed for the rest of his life In his early years and Most people are not ready yet to raise a child in the right way for the child to be a full embodied human with his full potential and power. most humans simply procreate for the sake of procreating, or other selfish reasons and are not emotionally or mentally ready or able to fulfill a child's needs on every level. so - we are just creating more damaged humans for the next generation and they have to solve and heal the issues that we cause them by themselves, later on in their adult life. That is- if they are lucky enough to find the tools and the right support to do that.

Most humans are not ready and equipt themselves to raise a whole human. They think they are. But they are not. Emotionally, spiritually, mentally, or financially.

Also, having lots of money or sending the kid to the best school and dress them in nice cloths doesn't make you a fit parent.

Are you mature enough yourself, mentally, spiritually? do you have the tools to give this child all it needs on all levels?

Again, many think they do, but most don't, because most humans are emotionally still unhealed themselves.

Not to mention that the children of today are born with a whole new set of DNA and their bodies are way more sensitive to the poisons of our society. and most people eat dead animals, overly processed foods, give their babies vaccines and use doctor prescribed medications, they live an unhealthy life and force these poisons unto their children. They have no spiritual capacity to see beyond this illusion of reality.


Most humans do NOT know how to have real sex and have a divine union. The sexual energy and sexual fluids which are transmuted through sex are effecting and creating the child directly- in DNA and energetic level. They will carry all trauma, negative emotions, low vibration that the parents have because they didn't cleanse and prepare themselves for the union, they don't know how to perform the union and they, in most cases, never did any or enough shadow work or enough self healing to be ready to bring this soul into this realm in the best way for it. They have not prepared their own bodies to be a divine vessel for this child to come through.


lets just say it, shall we?


This planet is overly populated as it is, with humans who have no respect for life itself or for each other (or even for themselves).

Most humans eat dead tortured animals, that is the number one cause of climate and environmental disasters and they are just growing up to be another asleep sheep that is feeding the dark system.


If you do feel you are meant to be parents you can love ANY child.

prove that you are a REAL parent. not just another selfish person who wants a kid that looks like them, or a child that will take care of them when they are old. (yes. i have heard these reasons from most parents i know).

If you feel you were meant to be a divine parent-


There are many children on this planet that need a loving, safe home. healthy food on their plate, someone to hug them, kiss them goodnight and tell them they are loved and safe.

A child needs to call and connect to the parent WAY before they are born into a body. They will communicate with you if you listen from your heart and soul (and you need to be a clear, awakened human in order to be able to do that). your child will ask you to birth them, or even to find them. your child can communicate with you in many ways. listen. do not rush to birth another body into this world. the soul of your some children dont even have to be born into a physical body now. they do their work through their parents in other realms.


Kids today are more spiritually developed and most parents destroy their natural abilities and gifts from the get go.

Most people damage kids more then they can even grasp. They dont know how to allow a child to be who they were born to be and help them develop their natural abilities.

We bombard these powerful souls and their delicate bodies with poison, which we call vaccines, feed them horrific animal products, which lowers their vibration and destroys their powers and force them to conform to the rules of this prison society, instead of feeding their own unique powers.

Most parents have not healed their own childhood traumas and they, mostly unconsciously- transfer them into their children.

We must wake up and ask ourselves: WHY do we want kids???

And we must be EXTREMELY honest with ourselves.

If humans are awakened and truly honest with themselves, most people will admit to not really want to have children.

Many choose to do this out of fear, or because society expects them to do so, or other selfish reasons i mentioned above...

These are NOT reasons to have a child.

A child must choose and call the parent in the right time.

A true parent will feel the child and hear it coming even before it arrives.

A true parent will love ANY child. not only their blood child.

It is perfectly ok if you were not meant to be a parent.


Many came here to do other important work at this time.


And wake up.

For the sake of all children, and for our planet.

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Membre inconnu
28 sept. 2021

I agree with 1,2 & 3 wholeheartedly.

Terence McKenna once conducted a thought experiment for the sake of it, and did a back-of-envelope calculation, as to how controlling human birth rates (limiting each couple to only one child) could affect our overpopulation problem. I cannot remember the specifics, but within our lifetimes we would see the population boom stop and begin to drop off rapidly with subsequent generations.

Let's be honest: we are NOT exactly a rare species, and Gaia cannot bear us all as we are currently living.

I began working with Ayahuasca with the very real awareness that I was not healed enough to have children, and that until I was I wouldn't consider having any - this…

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