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The 3 pillars of a sex priestess

The 3 pillars of a sex priestess, as channeled through me by the priestesses of the temple: ISIS AND LILITH, are:

Divine knowledge

Inner wisdom



Divine knowledge is shared and brought to this physical world through the sex Priestess who is both a channel and a container for divine wisdom.

A sex Priestess knows this knowledge is coming from a pure source, and is connected to her womb and the eternal temple which is the place that she received divine Knowledge from.

This knowledge is a sacred one, therefore, The Priestess is committed to protect it and to share it in the best way possible for her and for humankind.


The Priestess's inner wisdom is what helps her and guides her to bring and share the Divine information and knowledge in the best way possible and transmute it into physical world, in a way that will help the divine information to be understood and shared in the highest vibration and Manner to awaken the true power of those who come to receive the wisdom of the temple.

The inner wisdom of the sex Priestess is what guides her and is the energy that helps transmute the knowledge in the best way possible for her outer worlds and those who she serves in the best way possible.

This inner wisdom knows that the Divine knowledge is what matters most, not the priestess's own ego or self, and she allows this wisdom to guide her in every step she takes and every word she speaks.

She knows that without inner wisdom, the Divine knowledge will lose its power and its coded energy from the Divine mother, therefore the Priestess is committed to keep her body and mind and heart always pure and clean so that it will be able to hold and transmute the knowledge in the most loving way.


Love is the energy that holds both knowledge and wisdom together.

It is the glue that binds them both and grounds them in the physical world, balancing and uniting mother and daughter. Goddess and Priestess.

Love is the vibration the sex Priestess is always committed to create from.

Love is what fills her womb at all times and connects her with the Divine mother, with the sisters of the Temple, and with the divine feminine energy she holds within her.

Love is what guides her.

She knows she is love and consciously chooses to live with the full embodiment of the mother's love within her.


If you hear the calling and are ready to embark on the sex priestess initiation, connect with me.


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