The Sex Priestess Initiation Path has 2 levels. 
you may choose your way to be initiated into the temple.

Level 1 may be taken on your own, as a self initiation- online program,
 or with the intimate guidance of Luna Ora as your temple sister. 

Level 2 must must be initiated by Luna Ora 

Note: if you wish to work with the temple of ISIS & LILITH later on and become a priestess in the temple, you need to be initiated by Luna Ora in both level 1 and 2.

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luna ora- the sex magic school.jpg

If you are only interested in Level 1 - THE GODDESS RETURN PROGRAM-  as an online, self paced journey- Please press here: 





If you wish to begin your path  in the complete Sex Priestess program guided by Luna Ora herself, as a private, intimate journey back into the temple, please fill out this form. 

*Note: this is both level 1 & 2, as a deeper, guided dive into the wisdom of the temple. as well as a complete initiation of a sex priestess. 



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the 3 pillars of a sex priestess. Lilac